01 May 2015

one year, four months.

It looks like neither you nor me were lucky in 2014. ;)

2014 did bring quite a few changes:

I graduated from LDS BC with my associates degree. I started in 2004, thought I would graduate in 2007, put those last 2 classes off as I got married, went to school to become an aesthetician, had two babies... but I am now finished. Hooray.
I stopped working for Benefit Cosmetics at Ulta. That was a really fun job and experience. I missed it for quite a while, but now that my girls have other activities and such to keep us busy, I don't want to work. The girls have a lot of friends and I made a lot of great friends last year too, as in became closer to some friends and some new ones too.

Chase and I taught the Marriage and Family Relations sunday school class last year. That was really fun to do. It was just a 16 week class. I still am on the Relief Society committee, and love it.

Chase finished his MBA at Westminster College at the same time that I graduated too. That was an extremely long and challenging road.
He started working for Fidelity Investments. He's been an amazing employee. Lots of hard work and a lot overtime has led him to be number 1 in some of (all of?) his positions that he's moved up through over his almost year there.

Annabelle turned 4 last year and turned into a big girl instantly. She's no longer my little toddler. She finished her first year of a little neighborhood preschool I did and started another with a different group of neighborhood friends. She did start a ballet class last year and loved it, not to mention, excelled. She became a Sunbeam last year and is now in CTR 4. She loves people and making friends everywhere she goes.

Betsy turned 2 and now is a couple weeks away from turning 3! Wow. Last year she really was my little baby girl. She's in this tiny body and is very adorable and snuggly. I forget how old she really is. Last year she did a little "mom and me" dance class. It was simply adorable, she loved walking on her tippy toes with her arms out, wearing little tiny white ballet shoes and a pink leotard. She is still in Nursery and frankly, doesn't love it always. She was very attached to her momma the first two years of her life. She's adorably shy and timid, but she's making little friends and is a happy little girlie.

Overall, I think 2014 was better than 2013. Let's hope 2015 is better than those years though. It's been a major struggle for me to have Chase gone so much. Previously with school, and now with his job and the landscape business that he's kept going. But I'm getting by and progressing so that's what I'll focus on.

See you in 2016! ;)

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary... 08/30/2014

Family photo... Fall 2014