09 June 2013

Dinosaur park.

Have you been to the dinosaur play area at City Creek in their food court?

It is the most fun place for Annabelle and Betsy. My mom lived across the street for the last year so we've been there lots.

Chase just started an internship downtown so the girls and I met him down there last week.

I'm so proud of Betsy, recently she learned how to climb up the steps and go down the slide all on her own! It's so cute.

Take care.

03 June 2013

Playground fun.

Summer started and we started going to the park a lot! We love the park. Annabelle's favourite are the slides and Betsy loves the swings most.

One time I squished Annabelle & Betsy in one swing together to push. It was hilarious and they loved it. I'm also loving the picture of Chase mid jump, off the swings.

Betsy loves playing in wood chips and scoring around. She wore sunglasses for the first time last Saturday- I love that Annabelle wants to wear hers constantly.

Annabelle is fearless on the playground. She's conquered every fear and will climb up anything and go down even the biggest tallest slides!

I'm sure we'll continue to have a lot of park fun this summer!

02 June 2013

Blast from the past...

Just looking at some fun old pictures from my pre marriage days. I'm back in school to finish my associate degree that I started so long ago- I'm back at the business college, where I used to work at their bookstore. (And hide in the shelves, ha!)

Me and my sisters at my brother Andrew's wedding. A week before I got married.

Chase & I used to climb on my roof lots... in fact, he used to sneak in my window that way. Ha.

My little cat named Warner... she only had 3 legs but we loved her anyway.

How fun to look back at my glory days!