27 March 2013

Naps and baby moccs.

Moccs. Apparently that's a word now.

My sweeties decided to have a nap together today, which was adorable.

Annabelle stopped napping a couple weeks ago. She used to love her naps... gradually she took longer and long to fall asleep, sometimes I'd hear her in her room playing (and destroying things) for over an hour. Then somedays, she'd just hang out in her room playing and calling for me. I guess she was getting enough sleep during the night.

Last night our family all went to bed together. It was a fun little sleepover, but in the morning, both girls woke up two hours earlier than usual. :(

That brings us to this afternoon... I nursed Betsy to sleep and Annabelle was watching "Bananas in Pajamas" on her iPhone, she dozed off. I forgot how freeing it feels to have two kids asleep at the same time.

While they napped, I made a photo book of all my Instagram photos. Yes. I did. I can't wait to get it in the mail. I had a code, so it was free+ shipping. Otherwise, I don't think I would spend $30 on an Instagram book.

Speaking of Instagram and loving free things...

Freshly Picked Moccasins.
$500 giveaway.
Yes please.

Why are they are unique?
They are simple. They are quality. They have a little fringe around the ankle AND in front. They are made in so many different colors. Gold is my favourite. (I'm a Canadian so I spell words differently than Americans.) and something I just learned... they aren't only for babies! They make up to a toddler size 10!

If, or should I say, WHEN I win this giveaway, I'm going to buy Annabelle & Betsy matching moccs.

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Amy Willis said...

Brittany, your babies are so cute!! How adorable to have a pair of sweet little girls so close in age. Lucky Mama! xxx