12 March 2013

I wish life was simpler.

There are too many to do lists, things to remember, people to see, ways to improve, books to read, blogs to follow, meals to prepare.

I don't have a fast paced life, but I still wish it wasn't so complicated.

Did you know The Wonder Years is on Netflix? I have a headache and can't sleep, so I browsed TV shows and watched the first couple episodes. I'm excited to watch more. Life seemed so simple back then. Perhaps it's because in the perspective of a seventh grader or because the 60s were simpler. I don't know.

I do know my girls lives are simple. They sleep, eat, play, explore, learn, nap, read, sing, dance. They have so few people in their lives. So few possessions. So few worries. It's sweet.

I'm very much in love with being their mother. That part of life is wonderful.

Xoxo, Brittany.

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