27 March 2013

Naps and baby moccs.

Moccs. Apparently that's a word now.

My sweeties decided to have a nap together today, which was adorable.

Annabelle stopped napping a couple weeks ago. She used to love her naps... gradually she took longer and long to fall asleep, sometimes I'd hear her in her room playing (and destroying things) for over an hour. Then somedays, she'd just hang out in her room playing and calling for me. I guess she was getting enough sleep during the night.

Last night our family all went to bed together. It was a fun little sleepover, but in the morning, both girls woke up two hours earlier than usual. :(

That brings us to this afternoon... I nursed Betsy to sleep and Annabelle was watching "Bananas in Pajamas" on her iPhone, she dozed off. I forgot how freeing it feels to have two kids asleep at the same time.

While they napped, I made a photo book of all my Instagram photos. Yes. I did. I can't wait to get it in the mail. I had a code, so it was free+ shipping. Otherwise, I don't think I would spend $30 on an Instagram book.

Speaking of Instagram and loving free things...

Freshly Picked Moccasins.
$500 giveaway.
Yes please.

Why are they are unique?
They are simple. They are quality. They have a little fringe around the ankle AND in front. They are made in so many different colors. Gold is my favourite. (I'm a Canadian so I spell words differently than Americans.) and something I just learned... they aren't only for babies! They make up to a toddler size 10!

If, or should I say, WHEN I win this giveaway, I'm going to buy Annabelle & Betsy matching moccs.

21 March 2013

screen shot.

Sometimes (ok, often) I take screen shots on my phone of things I see and like... then they sit in my photos and are practically never seen again. Hmm.
They're typically quotes, cute animal pictures, funny cartoons and a variety of other pointless things.

Instead of deciding to not take screen shots anymore, I've decoded to blog them. I can't credit any of the images- sorry. You could do a backwards image search if you really want to know where it came from. :)

Xoxo, Brittany

12 March 2013

bathing beauties.

These sisters love having baths together.
Whenever I tell Annabelle its bath time, she says, "Baby come?!"
They splash at each other and play with their little toys, smiling the whole time. (Except the two times Annabelle pushed Betsy over.)

Life is getting better for Betsy as she becomes more independent. She only recently has been able to sit on her own in the slippery tub.

What age are babies allowed to bath alone, together? I can't wait. ;)

I wish life was simpler.

There are too many to do lists, things to remember, people to see, ways to improve, books to read, blogs to follow, meals to prepare.

I don't have a fast paced life, but I still wish it wasn't so complicated.

Did you know The Wonder Years is on Netflix? I have a headache and can't sleep, so I browsed TV shows and watched the first couple episodes. I'm excited to watch more. Life seemed so simple back then. Perhaps it's because in the perspective of a seventh grader or because the 60s were simpler. I don't know.

I do know my girls lives are simple. They sleep, eat, play, explore, learn, nap, read, sing, dance. They have so few people in their lives. So few possessions. So few worries. It's sweet.

I'm very much in love with being their mother. That part of life is wonderful.

Xoxo, Brittany.

03 March 2013

bowling for fhe.

Family Home Evening bowling night. (Classy, I know.)

We had a lot of fun taking Annabelle bowling. Sadly they didn't have shoes to fit her feet, but she was very enthusiastic. She had the 6 pound ball and could aaaaalmost do it herself. Once the ball went so slow, it stopped, and started rolling back to us. :) She slipped on the lane a couple times and liked pushing the ball down the frame mostly.

Chase of course won both games. And got a few strikes.

The only strike I got was while I was holding Betsy! Imagine that. Ha.

This was last Monday night. Chase had this past week off of school and we enjoyed his break!

Xoxo, Brittany.