25 January 2013


Happy Birthday to Bethany.

This year we had a sewing day to celebrate Bethany's birthday. Besides the mini balloons grandma brought to blow up and the pretend cake Bethany pretended to blow the pretend candles out of (for the kids sake), it wasn't a typical party. Just a day with the girls, sewing. I loved it.

For Christmas this year, I sewed my sisters and mom little lined zipper pouches. I thought I was being so original and it was a big step because I had never actually sewn a zipper before.
Hilariously enough, Bethany had the exact same idea! She had also sewn the exact same sized lined zipper bags that I had, for each of us! (Great minds think alike.) Luckily this wasn't a problem because one can never have enough bags. I use Bethany's for my makeup and its perfect.

Brooklyn wanted to make one that was bigger- to hold diapers & wipes for her new sweet baby Ada- so as Bethany made a gorgeous silk shirt, I made another bag and showed Brooklyn how. It's so much fun to get together and learn from each other. For living so close we don't get together enough!

Bethany is a year and a half older than me. We were a grade apart in school.
Our relationship reminds me of Mary & Edith sometimes. (Ha jk Beth) I think it's more like Betty & Judy (the Haynes sisters!) Complete with plentiful song & dance numbers... those were the days.

I learn a lot from her and admire her constant progression and passion for learning new talents. She sews, cooks, bakes, sings, speaks many languages, does family history even!, travels, exercises consistently, eats healthily, applies false eyelashes, works at the temple (etc...) and she does all these things amazingly. I'm very envious. But she motivates me to better myself too.

I'm glad she's my sister and look forward to many more fun days spent together.
Xoxo, Brittany.

20 January 2013

I love you mommy.

This sweet girl has finally said those sweet three words (four, really.)

I love you mommy.

It was so sweet and sincere. I guess after hearing me say it to her 36975325686 times, she picked it up. :)

She also loves taking pictures of herself making funny faces.

I love that girl.
Xoxo, Brittany.

Sleeping on Instagram.


I love watching my girls sleep. They love sleeping together which is adorable. I can't wait to get them a double bed to sleep in together when they're older.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: we recently transitioned Annabelle from her crib to a bed. it's been a challenge.

18 January 2013

Kitchen love.

Annabelle loves helping me in the kitchen. When we unload the dishwasher, she passes me all the cups and plates and then she does the silverware all on her own. Honestly, she typically puts everything in the correct spot. That's why I thought this was so funny.

Also in the kitchen, Annabelle was sharing her popcorn with Elizabeth. It was sweet because Annabelle doesn't often love Elizabeth like this. Annabelle pulled up a little stool to sit in front of her and they played like that for a long time.

Love my babies.

14 January 2013


Need a yummy appetizer?
Pears, goat cheese, pistachios & dried cranberries.
My mom served this over the holidays, it was so yummy I made it myself. She made them look better but I at least arranged mine in a pretty circle- thanks to my new apple/ fruit slicer.

Another delicious pear dish I've been loving is this salad.
Goat cheese
Oil/ vinegar (if you want.)

I love simple meals made with whole foods. So easy to prepare.

09 January 2013

xmas morning.

My sister Tiffany and her husband Jimmy came to our house for Christmas. She sent me these pictures of Christmas morning. Precious.

This year Annabelle got a play stroller & lip smackers and Elizabeth got a doll & elephant rattle. Plus they each received a Richard Scarry book, a toothbrush, socks and jammies.

Tiffany handmade them each a stuffed animal, adorable. And they got many other goodies from other family and friends. Thank you.