06 November 2012

Halloween 2012

I won spookiest costume at our ward party. Betsy & I were ghosts. She was too adorable.
Bethany made Annie a pretty princess skirt for her birthday & that's her with our Halloween lights.

We had fun at a dinner with our friends pre-trick or treating. I was a witch. Chase was Mr. Bumblebee. Annabellie was an adorable kitty again. It's axis time Chase wore as a young boy.

She loved trick or treating, holding out her pumpkin and sporting her new birthday purse. She was mute going house to house. We went to about ten houses.

Having a family is the best thing ever. Everything is better with kids. (although sometimes I wish I were a newlywed again with no responsibility! Those were the days.)

Xoxo, B.

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Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

I love the last photo. E looks like a wee doll.