24 October 2012


Annie loves taking pictures. I think I'll get her her own camera soon.
Here are two taken this week that I think are fun.

Speaking of hair, I want to do something to mine.
 It's so blah. 
I want to learn some new styles & maybe go get a cut & color. Hmmm....

04 October 2012

taking pictures vs. buying

When I go to Ikea, I am known to fill my cart and buy it all. I love buying new pretty things, especially when it's so inexpensive. Plus lately Ikea has been improving, some of their items could rival Anthropologie, don't you think?
Instead of buying all the things I wanted, I decided to take pictures of them. Then I could come back to buy them if/when I had more money to spend on pretty things! 

I love dishes. 
Before I was married {aka: before I had to be responsible with my money}, I bought lots of pretty dishes and such at Anthro and DI. I'm really glad I did because I love my kitchen.  I can't afford Anthro now, but with Ikea's great prices, I think I'm going to be loving me some new glass bowls and cups soon. 

my babies filled my cart this time.
annabelle can not sit still and she had a lot of fun climbing all over.
i'm not sure elizabeth loved all the moving around.

My new way of shopping has me excited. Especially because I went to target the day before to buy Annabelle a pair of shoes and left spending over $100. 

I am going to save money and the time doing returns! 
{I do a lot of returns.}