24 September 2012

the hogle zoo chicken

It's no secret Annabelle loves her some chicken. I spotted one at we were about to leave (aka Annabelle was a little grump rump) so I pointed it out to Annabelle.
She all the sudden had loads of energy to run around chasing the chicken ! She wanted to pick it up but this chicken wasn't as nice as her chickens- it kept running away from her and Oliver.

the hogle zoo with my babies.

The Hogle Zoo is 12 bucks to get in! Luckily Annabelle & Elizabeth are under 2 or they'd each be an additional 10. Besides me being a cheapskate, we had a lot of fun going to the zoo. We hadn't been since last year so it was all new to Annabelle. She loved running around from animal to animal and naming them.

My favourite was that she thought the seals were mice. She kept saying Mouse! Mouse! When they'd swim by. Haha, she's got some learning to do.

22 September 2012

crown, bow, flower, bunny, bonnet.

We like to dress up Elizabeth's head every chance we get.
(and even though I don't put flower,. headbands, etc on my baby girls, it's fun to play with them.)

1. I made a crown for her out of weeds.
2. My mom tied a bow on her head with a ribbon.
3. That's just a little baby headband which is rarely used.
4. My dad gave that bunny hat to Annabelle for Easter last year. Elizabeth didn't think wearing it was very fun.
5. Trying on Annabelle's bonnet.
(I need to write a post on her bonnet... She loves it so much.)

14 September 2012

Kitchen Tour.

Annabelle wanted me to blog a tour of our kitchen. She offered to take all the photographs. (She obviously takes after Uncle Jimmy.) She did a great job.

Seriously though, she took at least 50 pictures. She opened every drawer and cupboard to take pictures inside. (I did post the one of our silverware.) It was cute to see her perspective. She sees the world completely different than I do. Looking through these pictures was eye opening in a way.

Thanks Annabelle.

04 September 2012

Annabelle is my helper.

Me: Annabelle sweetie, since you just took a toy from Elizabeth, could you please go get her a toy- so she has something to play with?
Annabelle: Yes.

She runs out of the room and gives Elizabeth baby shampoo, travel shampoo and a plastic link.