26 August 2012

first night of class.

Chase started his MBA program at Westminster last week.
I'm nervous to take care of the kids by myself all day and all night.
I haven't taken the kids out by myself very often, but on Thursday night (Chase's first class), I did.

It was a simple trip to Old Navy. I needed a new dress for my dad's wedding. It was successful beside the fact that in the end I bought 5 outfits cause managing the two babes while trying things on proved difficult! :)

After, we went on a walk. Annabelle brought her stuffed duck, perhaps because she matched it. In the bottom right photo I had just asked Annabelle to smile for the camera. Ha. We need to work on her camera smile.

Do you have any tips for me... dealing with a husband in school or for taking out two babies alone?


MandiScandal said...

annabelle is so adorable!! you're going to do great with both babies all day. You're a rock star!

alisa fawn said...

I am about to be in a similar boat and I already feel a tad overwhelmed. Euan starts his master's next month and will also be working part time still! I am working too until I go on maternity leave and then baby comes in January! It is just too bad that we don't live in the same place and could have play dates with our kiddos to help keep us sane!