26 August 2012

first night of class.

Chase started his MBA program at Westminster last week.
I'm nervous to take care of the kids by myself all day and all night.
I haven't taken the kids out by myself very often, but on Thursday night (Chase's first class), I did.

It was a simple trip to Old Navy. I needed a new dress for my dad's wedding. It was successful beside the fact that in the end I bought 5 outfits cause managing the two babes while trying things on proved difficult! :)

After, we went on a walk. Annabelle brought her stuffed duck, perhaps because she matched it. In the bottom right photo I had just asked Annabelle to smile for the camera. Ha. We need to work on her camera smile.

Do you have any tips for me... dealing with a husband in school or for taking out two babies alone?

15 August 2012

Liberty Park's Seven Canyons

Have you been to the Seven Canyons water area in Liberty Park? We went this week and had so much fun.

Annabelle was very timid at first. She wanted to hold my hand and walk through the streams & pools with me by her side.

By the end, she was running around with many new little friends, splashing, laying down and even trying to stand on her head in the water.

After a couple hours we got her cleaned up and enjoyed the beauty of the park together.