30 July 2012

Tubby time.

Elizabeth & Annabelle love baths. I've yet to bathe them together, but I'm excited for when they're able to do that.

Little Miss Eliza Jane is so happy and smiley in warm water. She's very relaxed when she gets in water too. She has her baths in our bathroom sink or in our bathroom tub. We have a baby tub, but it seems like too much work to get it out, fill it up then empty it after. (even though that's what we used with Annabelle for a long time.)

Little Miss AnnaBea is crazy about water! She loves showering downstairs and letting water stream down her face. She will sit in the tub playing with her toys for such long periods of time. Splashing is her favorite part of water. She also loves little mini baths in Grandma's sink.

Xoxo, Brittany

10 July 2012

Family of 4.

I'm enjoying having a family of 4. We have a 2 month old & a 20 month old. They are becoming little best friends. Every morning, Annabelle says "baby baby baby", I bring her to Elizabeth and she nuzzles her face into the baby's.

My days are filled with nursing E, making meals for A, changing A & E's diaper (seemingly constantly), reading to A, singing to E, putting A & E to sleep, ensuring A doesn't pick E up or hit her, picking up after A, cleaning up after E empties her tummy (on herself, me, sofas, the floor, etc), bathing each A & E, doing laundry for A & E, and the list goes on...

It's always a relief when Daddy gets home. Annabelle runs to the back door when she hears it being unlocked and is thrilled to see Chase. It happens every day and I still think it's the most darling thing.

Elizabeth is responding a bit and starting to coo and smile. She's a sleepy, happy content baby. She's slept through the night since the beginning almost. Although, she does get pretty fussy around 8pm most nights. Gripe water usually settles her hard tummy, along with a lot of patting and comfort.

We go outside in our backyard as a family often. Pick raspberries or peas, this last week carrots & beets too. Our other garden items & peaches are nicely growing.

We've been able to go swimming, to breakfasts, dinners, shopping, birthday parties, family reunions and such.

Having a new baby makes life more interesting and fun. I love her. I love A. And I love Chase more than anything.

Xoxo, Brittany.