10 May 2012

Graduating from The University of Utah.

I'm extremely proud of my Chase. He graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Economics last Friday!!
He has been working very hard running his business to provide for his girls and working very hard at being a great husband and attentive father. On top of that he's been in school. Owning your own business is no easy task. The woe never ends and follows you everywhere you go. Certainly no time off.
Being my husband is no easy task either!! :) I often need quite a lot of help around the house... And that never seems to end.

Anyway- he's finished his degree. His last exam was Thursday and his graduation ceremony was on Friday.

Annabelle say through the ceremony almost the entire time. She was clapping away for her dad. She loved playing with his new clothes too.

Thanks for all the support from our families. Way to go Chase!!

ps: sorry all my posts are in the same boring format... all I have time for is mobile blogging these days and I can't customize anything.

pps: i had a baby yesterday!!

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Janelle said...

great pictures and congratulations to chase! we are proud of his hard work! annabelle looks so adorably cute clapping for her papa.