07 May 2012


Chase and I haven't been on a date (without Annabelle) for a looong time. After we have this baby it will, I'm sure, be another long time before we go out.

So we got a babysitter on Saturday night and went to The Dodo for dinner. We sat on the patio outside, which looks out over Sugarhouse and the mountains. So pretty. It was so relaxing to sit and have an uninterrupted evening with Chase.

On another note, I'm past 37 weeks... and feeling very sore.



Abbie said...

I am offended. Did I not tell you that I'd be offended if you didn't text me to babysit? Good thing I was working saturday anyway and wouldn't have been able to babysit... I'm still just a little offended. ;) JK. That sounds fun! You're so close to having 2 beautiful daughters. So fun!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Haha. Abbie, I'm sorry I didn't call you... I just had a strong feeling you'd be working. :)
Don't be offended. I'll call you soon to tend!
I can't wait for two. But I'm also looking forward to getting together with your new girly this fall!!