07 May 2012

baby & daddy

Annabelle is very much a daddy's little girl. Here are some pictures of them together over the last couple weeks.

PS: She calls him Daaad and Chase. I guess she learned his name from me talking to him. Silly girl.

Picture 1. Random shot of them, I love how he's holding her.
Picture 2. She slept with us one night a couple weeks ago and I got up in the night to go potty (remember I'm pregnant) and I couldn't resist taking their picture.
Picture 3. In Daddy's truck in the middle of his work day. She loves being outside with him 'helping' him work.
Picture 4. Annabelle & I made Daddy cookies to celebrate his last day of school.
Picture 5. Chase on his graduation day! Annabelle was extremely proud of him. Clapping up a storm during the whole ceremony.

I love having a family. I love that Chase is a great dad, always teaching Annabelle new things and spending time with her.
I also love that our family is growing into a family of 4!!

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