27 May 2012

Annabelle & Elizabeth

This has been a great couple weeks with our new baby. The moments I love most are when Annabelle wants to hold her new sister. She loves to feel like she holding Elizabeth on her own. She also loves holding her head up against the baby's head softly and keeping it there, cheek to cheek. She loves to watch the baby and point to her body parts. {she also loves poking, prodding & "patting" the baby... hard.}

We love our new family.
Xoxo, Brittany

12 May 2012

Elizabeth Jane.

Our baby came.

Elizabeth Jane Nielsen
Born on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
at 2:48pm
6 pounds 5 ounces & 18 1/2 inches

10 May 2012

Graduating from The University of Utah.

I'm extremely proud of my Chase. He graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Economics last Friday!!
He has been working very hard running his business to provide for his girls and working very hard at being a great husband and attentive father. On top of that he's been in school. Owning your own business is no easy task. The woe never ends and follows you everywhere you go. Certainly no time off.
Being my husband is no easy task either!! :) I often need quite a lot of help around the house... And that never seems to end.

Anyway- he's finished his degree. His last exam was Thursday and his graduation ceremony was on Friday.

Annabelle say through the ceremony almost the entire time. She was clapping away for her dad. She loved playing with his new clothes too.

Thanks for all the support from our families. Way to go Chase!!

ps: sorry all my posts are in the same boring format... all I have time for is mobile blogging these days and I can't customize anything.

pps: i had a baby yesterday!!

07 May 2012

baby & daddy

Annabelle is very much a daddy's little girl. Here are some pictures of them together over the last couple weeks.

PS: She calls him Daaad and Chase. I guess she learned his name from me talking to him. Silly girl.

Picture 1. Random shot of them, I love how he's holding her.
Picture 2. She slept with us one night a couple weeks ago and I got up in the night to go potty (remember I'm pregnant) and I couldn't resist taking their picture.
Picture 3. In Daddy's truck in the middle of his work day. She loves being outside with him 'helping' him work.
Picture 4. Annabelle & I made Daddy cookies to celebrate his last day of school.
Picture 5. Chase on his graduation day! Annabelle was extremely proud of him. Clapping up a storm during the whole ceremony.

I love having a family. I love that Chase is a great dad, always teaching Annabelle new things and spending time with her.
I also love that our family is growing into a family of 4!!


Chase and I haven't been on a date (without Annabelle) for a looong time. After we have this baby it will, I'm sure, be another long time before we go out.

So we got a babysitter on Saturday night and went to The Dodo for dinner. We sat on the patio outside, which looks out over Sugarhouse and the mountains. So pretty. It was so relaxing to sit and have an uninterrupted evening with Chase.

On another note, I'm past 37 weeks... and feeling very sore.


03 May 2012

Middle of the night.

Last night I was writing in my journal about Annabelle. While I was writing down all her cuteness, I couldn't help but visit her in her room. I rarely check on her in the night because I typically go to bed right after her.

As you can see I found her in a funny sleep. I couldn't resist taking her picture. After the first picture she started rubbing her tummy. It was adorable and so sleepy.

Before I left, I untangled her feet and helped her lay the other direction. She's still sleeping right now.
I love my Annabelle too much.