30 April 2012

special socks on my feet.

Pedicures are heaven. I spent at least a couple hours on my feet today!

In the morning Annabelle helped me clip my toenails.
During Annabelle's nap, I gave myself a foot bath... I started with a long hot water soak, pushed cuticles, brushed & pumiced, exfoliated with a tee tree oil foot scrub, air dried and massaged in tea tree oil 'foot repair balm'.
After she went to bed, I lightly filed then buffed my nails, trimmed any cuticles coming up, applied solar oil and re-lotioned.
The best part is I opened a pair of moisturizing socks that I bought years and years ago to use. Like them? I do.

I'm in them now & I can feel the oils, lotions & balms soaking into my poor, previously neglected, tired, very swollen feet.

They had become really horrible. Calloused, rough, dry, with looong scratchy nails & old polish. Ick.

Now I just need to pick the perfect May color to brush on my nails and I'll be ready.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: this whole foot process did a number on my belly, back and legs!! I could barely reach my toes but I persevered.

pps: Annabelle has some really strange big toe nails, poor girl. We clipped hers today too.

ppps: When I was in the hospital after delivering Annabelle, my toes had been neglected. They were too long & sharp for some reason. I remember I cut my leg with my nail.... I do not want that to happen ever again, especially this next delivery, so I cut my nails as absolutely short as possible.

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