23 April 2012

One month to go.

Tomorrow marks exactly one month until my due date! {may 24th}

I'm quite excited. 

Things I'm going to accomplish before baby comes:

Organize Annabelle's toys. (bought bins today!)
Finish Annabelle's quilt. (binding is all I need to do)
Make a blanket for Babe. (bought fabric today!)
Sew curtain for bathroom & hem bedroom curtains. (I decided to go with the dark ones)
Wash newborn clothes, bassinet sheets, burp clothes, blankets & car seat. 
Make an appointment with a new doctor or midwife.
Manicure, pedicure, facial & eyelashes!
Pack a hospital bag and buy a coming home outfit for little Babe!!

Anything else I should be doing??? 
Anyone want to paint my bedroom for me? I'll buy the paint... :)

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