16 April 2012

Easter with Nielsen's.

The only picture I took on Easter at Nielsen's was Annabelle in her Easter dress on the chair. Last night we were at their house again and I snapped a cute picture of Nonny (Chase's mom) reading to Annabelle.

Nonny & Poppy (Chase's dad) gave Annabelle a really fun bath toy set for Easter. She's been loving it every bath! They are little foam tiles that stick on the walls of the tub. Annabelle can't get enough of them. The first time she had them in there she stayed in the tub for an hour!
When she holds the ones with birds on them, she tweets and talks her gibberish in a high pitched "bird" voice. It's very cute.

I'm glad Annabelle enjoys bath time. She doesn't mind getting her face wet, which makes washing her and her hair easy for me. Though she won't lay her head back. That scares her.

Xoxo, Brittany.

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