09 April 2012

Easter Sunday.

I love our front garden right now. We have lots and lots of brautiful tulips! Annabelle really enjoys walking around them and smelling them.

Attempting a family photo is more than difficult- especially when you don't have someone to take the picture for you!

Annabelle received her pink dress as a present for Christmas and it was the perfect Easter dress. We bought her new black Sunday shoes last week. She absolutely loves them. Really she loves shoes so much, she's always bringing us our or our guests their shoes and trying to put them on.

She was very well behaved during Church. Sacrament meeting can be hard for her sometimes. She knows who Jesus is now because I filled this little photo album with pictures of Christ. It's turned into one of her favorite books and she'll always point Him out. I love it.

We enjoyed a delicious Ham dinner with Chase's family Sunday evening but have no pictures.

Happy Easter Monday!
(a real Canadian holiday)

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about you! Fo' reals. I was laying in bed petting Lulu, thinking that I need to get a hold of you and tell you how much we adore Lulu. YES, we let her sleep with us. That's how much we love her. She is such a joy. She makes me laugh and smile every day. But yes, it would have been much too much with babies. There is definitely a time and a season for all things. Even magic dogs. I love your idea about a photo dog blog. I might just do it after I finish writing my memoir. I'm halfway through the third draft so it might be soon. I am also going to get her certified to be a therapy dog so I can take her to Primary Children's and have her help heal the kids. She has such a calming, sweet presence. I will def start a blog about that. Hopefully that will be within the next year. I will have to bring her by to say hi sometime.

Congratulations on your 2nd baby. Exciting time of life. I can't believe how big your 1st baby is. Wow! Has that much time gone by?

Tell Chase hi.