09 April 2012

Easter basket.

The Easter Bunny surprised Annabelle & Daddy with a basket on Easter morning. :)

Luckily I found an old basket and some extra plastic grass from last year. I paired that with a stuffed duck she's had for over a year. (I think she thought it was new because since then she's been carrying it around all over the place but before she never played with it! -ha, tricks on her!)

I went to kid to kid and bought a couple Richard Scarry Busy Town books, a Sesame Street Easter book and the VHS Peter Pan. I really got Peter Pan for Chase. It's his favorite Disney movie and so I wanted him to be able to watch it with Annabelle... although her attention span for movies is less than 10 minutes.

And of course no basket is complete without candy. I bought more mini eggs (pretty much for myself), a Lindor gold bunny and some Reases in a chick tube.

Annabelle has been extra grumpy since eating the candy. She got used to eating it all day on Sunday and she's already addicted. I wouldn't give her any today and she had a few melt downs. Poor girl.

I'd be pretty furious if I wasn't allowed to eat anymore mini eggs too!!

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