03 April 2012

diaper bags.

I will have two "babies" soon. 
I realize Annabelle is not a baby, but I call her Baby and she still requires me to pack a lot of stuff in my bag for her before we go out. {sippy cup, soo, diapers, wipes, snack, toys/books, depending on where we're going a change of clothes} A new baby seems to need even more! {soothers, blankets, burp clothes, for sure a change of clothes or two, bottles, wipes, diapers, sanitizers, etc} And then there is me. I like to carry my own things in my bag too! {water bottle, phone, keys, make-up, pen/paper, snack, wallet.}

With all this stuff, I am going to need a large diaper bag! Right now my diaper bag is perfect. It has a large zipper pocket, waterproof inside and out, insulated bottle pockets on both sides, two front small pockets- perfect for my phone, keys & a soo. It's a hands free, {as you can see from the lovely picture of me preparing to catch Annabelle} over the shoulder bag, perfect for carrying Annabelle. Inside there is a side zipper pocket and two large pockets that fit diapers/ wipes. I keep very organized with this bag. 

I bought it through Amazon's MyHabit. It was priced at $75, but I had a $25 credit for signing up with them, so I only paid $50 for the diaper bag! {I just found it (Storksak Emily-Pewter) selling on Amazon for $175!!} Needless to say I could never spend $175 on a diaper bag. In fact, it was a big splurge when I handed over $50 for the bag. It's been well worth it.

Back to needed more room:

Look at this pretty bag. 
Of course it's the very trendy Petunia Pickle Bottom brand which also costs an arm and a leg. I still really want it. I showed my mom and apparently all my step sisters/ step sister in law's have this bag in different patterns. I was at my mom's house with one of my steps the other day and did in fact notice she had it. She let me examine it and yes, I still want it. 
All $130 of it.

Don't you think it's a perfect big diaper bag? My mom thinks it's too big and will get too unorganized in there... perhaps... but if I didn't have a big bag, would I have to get two diaper bags? One for Annabelle and one for new baby? 
Any advice or suggestions? What did you do with two "babies"? Did it work?


Janelle said...

of course i don't have any babies, but some of my friends have found PP bags at tjmaxx for lots less money.

i say if you'll use it and it will actually work for you, it's worth the moolah $$.

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Oh! I didn't think of that. I'll check TJ out. Thanks.
I think you're right. If I don't spend money on quality, I'll end up going through a bunch of cheap bags, which would end up costing more!
(that's what I keep telling myself at least! :)

alisa fawn said...

I obviously don't have two wee ones to pack out my bag for, but I will tell you something I do anyway. I don't have a proper diaper bag, just a big purse. When we go to church Euan has Eleanor while I am in young women's and I want my purse with me so Eleanor uses a little bag that Euan's Aunt made for her birthday. I just keep her water cup, snacks, books,etc. in it and then she can hold on to it. Obviously not ideal in all situations, but it works for that, is fun for Eleanor and frees up my bag (minus the nappies and wipes).

Laura {and JR} said...

I don't have babies yet but I will for sure be purchasing that bag when I do!