05 April 2012


We have a sliding glass door in our room that goes out to the deck in our backyard. I like it a lot of the time, but sometimes I wish it wasn't there.

For example... We have no options for our bed. It has to go against the east wall or it would block the closet, door or sliding door. The doors are older and don't provide protection from cold or loud noises coming from outside. And we have to have curtains up to cover the sliding door so our neighbors don't see right into our room.

Our current curtains are dark grey. They block out the sun (good at night/ in morning, but bad during day- letting no sun in.)
I bought some new curtains and hung them today. They are yellow. They looked thick but I think will be too sheer at night. (not providing us with enough coverage from our neighbors) I like the color and they are easier to slide... Making the door more accessible, which is nice because Annie and I go out to play everyday.

Do you have an opinion?

{I asked Chase, he said he loved the yellow and it was a great change. I told him I didn't really think of keep the yellow ones up. He told me he actually liked the grey ones better, he was just trying to make me feel good about putting the yellow ones up. Ha}

ps: I know my room color is horrible. It's the same (not even a) color since we moved in. I want to paint it a pale blueish grey. Cross your fingers that happens before the baby comes!

pps: have any of you hung curtains for a closet door replacement? Our closets are long and the doors always were in the way so we uh, ripped them off. I would like to use curtains to cover the closet mess- without the curtains making it look like more of a mess. I'm not sure what to use to hang them.


Emily M. said...

hi britt. i like your new curtains a lot. there are some shades sold at IKEA that you can hang at the top of the doors and close at night. They roll up so they just stay at the top when they're not in use. We have one on our door that is our entrance. I love having the window for light, but I don't like having it open once the sun has gone down-- the shade is perfect for both. Then, you could keep your curtains as well (that look pretty) and just roll the other shades down at night.

as for your closet doors-- you could use a shower curtain rod. I know it sounds ghetto, but you can actually buy some nice ones, and you could even spray paint them if you wanted to. They are nice for thins like closets because the tension rod fits nicely inside of the closet jam.

those are just some ideas i had reading your post. :) good luck, and feel free to text/call me for any other ideas. i can even come visit if you'd like-- it's been far too long since we've had a play date... Leah would love it.

Emily M. said...

ps. you can also pay to have your curtains lined, if that would be a better option-- more expensive probably, but just another idea.

Janelle said...

I like both of them! And I like your friend's ideas of a roll up blind or lined curtain.

Maybe you already know about this blog, they do some amazing DIY things in their house. At the bottom of this post, they show how and why they hung curtains in their closets. I would live to not have doors on our closet - they are so annoying. What I really want is a walk-in closet! Someday...


Lizzy said...

Brittany! I love curtains! We have white curtains in our bedroom from Ikea and yes, they are sheer, but so beautiful that I can't change them (the neighbors can look all they want ;)). If you are planning to repaint your room plan your curtain color around that! Anyway you do it will be beautiful, you are a great decorator :)