30 April 2012

special socks on my feet.

Pedicures are heaven. I spent at least a couple hours on my feet today!

In the morning Annabelle helped me clip my toenails.
During Annabelle's nap, I gave myself a foot bath... I started with a long hot water soak, pushed cuticles, brushed & pumiced, exfoliated with a tee tree oil foot scrub, air dried and massaged in tea tree oil 'foot repair balm'.
After she went to bed, I lightly filed then buffed my nails, trimmed any cuticles coming up, applied solar oil and re-lotioned.
The best part is I opened a pair of moisturizing socks that I bought years and years ago to use. Like them? I do.

I'm in them now & I can feel the oils, lotions & balms soaking into my poor, previously neglected, tired, very swollen feet.

They had become really horrible. Calloused, rough, dry, with looong scratchy nails & old polish. Ick.

Now I just need to pick the perfect May color to brush on my nails and I'll be ready.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: this whole foot process did a number on my belly, back and legs!! I could barely reach my toes but I persevered.

pps: Annabelle has some really strange big toe nails, poor girl. We clipped hers today too.

ppps: When I was in the hospital after delivering Annabelle, my toes had been neglected. They were too long & sharp for some reason. I remember I cut my leg with my nail.... I do not want that to happen ever again, especially this next delivery, so I cut my nails as absolutely short as possible.

23 April 2012

One month to go.

Tomorrow marks exactly one month until my due date! {may 24th}

I'm quite excited. 

Things I'm going to accomplish before baby comes:

Organize Annabelle's toys. (bought bins today!)
Finish Annabelle's quilt. (binding is all I need to do)
Make a blanket for Babe. (bought fabric today!)
Sew curtain for bathroom & hem bedroom curtains. (I decided to go with the dark ones)
Wash newborn clothes, bassinet sheets, burp clothes, blankets & car seat. 
Make an appointment with a new doctor or midwife.
Manicure, pedicure, facial & eyelashes!
Pack a hospital bag and buy a coming home outfit for little Babe!!

Anything else I should be doing??? 
Anyone want to paint my bedroom for me? I'll buy the paint... :)

22 April 2012

evening walk.

We went on a little walk last night. It was the perfect temperature and beautiful time of night. I, of course, took it sloooow and was out of breath the whole way. :)
35 weeks this week! Can't wait for a newborn. I love those teeny tiny babies.


18 April 2012

Baby powder.

Toddlers are a lot of fun. Especially mine.

Someone forgot to close the lid on our baby powder and Annabelle took full advantage of that.
I looked in her room and saw a huge mess of white all over her carpet... and it led into the hallway, where I saw her shaking away. I kindly asked her to hand over the bottle but instead she them shook more, ran through the kitchen, making a big ol' mess and stopped in the dining room. As I caught her and took the baby powder away she was not pleased!

These pictures don't do her mess justice.

16 April 2012

Easter with Nielsen's.

The only picture I took on Easter at Nielsen's was Annabelle in her Easter dress on the chair. Last night we were at their house again and I snapped a cute picture of Nonny (Chase's mom) reading to Annabelle.

Nonny & Poppy (Chase's dad) gave Annabelle a really fun bath toy set for Easter. She's been loving it every bath! They are little foam tiles that stick on the walls of the tub. Annabelle can't get enough of them. The first time she had them in there she stayed in the tub for an hour!
When she holds the ones with birds on them, she tweets and talks her gibberish in a high pitched "bird" voice. It's very cute.

I'm glad Annabelle enjoys bath time. She doesn't mind getting her face wet, which makes washing her and her hair easy for me. Though she won't lay her head back. That scares her.

Xoxo, Brittany.

09 April 2012

Easter Sunday.

I love our front garden right now. We have lots and lots of brautiful tulips! Annabelle really enjoys walking around them and smelling them.

Attempting a family photo is more than difficult- especially when you don't have someone to take the picture for you!

Annabelle received her pink dress as a present for Christmas and it was the perfect Easter dress. We bought her new black Sunday shoes last week. She absolutely loves them. Really she loves shoes so much, she's always bringing us our or our guests their shoes and trying to put them on.

She was very well behaved during Church. Sacrament meeting can be hard for her sometimes. She knows who Jesus is now because I filled this little photo album with pictures of Christ. It's turned into one of her favorite books and she'll always point Him out. I love it.

We enjoyed a delicious Ham dinner with Chase's family Sunday evening but have no pictures.

Happy Easter Monday!
(a real Canadian holiday)

Easter basket.

The Easter Bunny surprised Annabelle & Daddy with a basket on Easter morning. :)

Luckily I found an old basket and some extra plastic grass from last year. I paired that with a stuffed duck she's had for over a year. (I think she thought it was new because since then she's been carrying it around all over the place but before she never played with it! -ha, tricks on her!)

I went to kid to kid and bought a couple Richard Scarry Busy Town books, a Sesame Street Easter book and the VHS Peter Pan. I really got Peter Pan for Chase. It's his favorite Disney movie and so I wanted him to be able to watch it with Annabelle... although her attention span for movies is less than 10 minutes.

And of course no basket is complete without candy. I bought more mini eggs (pretty much for myself), a Lindor gold bunny and some Reases in a chick tube.

Annabelle has been extra grumpy since eating the candy. She got used to eating it all day on Sunday and she's already addicted. I wouldn't give her any today and she had a few melt downs. Poor girl.

I'd be pretty furious if I wasn't allowed to eat anymore mini eggs too!!

Easter weekend with Grandpa Olsen.

My Dad drove down to Salt Lake from Calgary for Easter weekend. He spent most the weekend with his girlfriend meeting her family.

On Friday we went to dinner at City Creek with him and both my sisters & fams. On Saturday night & Sunday night he came over from around 8-11pm and hung out.

The only pictures I have are from us on Saturday night... Annabelle stayed up past her bedtime to spend time with her Grandpa. He brought her Canadian Smarties and a little hair kit.
She loves both!

Easter with Grandma & Grandpa.

My mom went to Arizona for Easter. (she went with a couple aunts to visit another aunt and my brother's family)
The week before she spent some Eastery-time with Annabelle.

Annabelle went with her cousins to play at Grandma & Gramdpa's house and got a white chocolate bunny. Mmm.
Later she helped Grandma in the gardens and snuggled with silly Grandpa Bruce.

I especially love the picture of Eleanor, Oliver & Annabelle, all three in their car seats, being exceptionally handsome.

05 April 2012


We have a sliding glass door in our room that goes out to the deck in our backyard. I like it a lot of the time, but sometimes I wish it wasn't there.

For example... We have no options for our bed. It has to go against the east wall or it would block the closet, door or sliding door. The doors are older and don't provide protection from cold or loud noises coming from outside. And we have to have curtains up to cover the sliding door so our neighbors don't see right into our room.

Our current curtains are dark grey. They block out the sun (good at night/ in morning, but bad during day- letting no sun in.)
I bought some new curtains and hung them today. They are yellow. They looked thick but I think will be too sheer at night. (not providing us with enough coverage from our neighbors) I like the color and they are easier to slide... Making the door more accessible, which is nice because Annie and I go out to play everyday.

Do you have an opinion?

{I asked Chase, he said he loved the yellow and it was a great change. I told him I didn't really think of keep the yellow ones up. He told me he actually liked the grey ones better, he was just trying to make me feel good about putting the yellow ones up. Ha}

ps: I know my room color is horrible. It's the same (not even a) color since we moved in. I want to paint it a pale blueish grey. Cross your fingers that happens before the baby comes!

pps: have any of you hung curtains for a closet door replacement? Our closets are long and the doors always were in the way so we uh, ripped them off. I would like to use curtains to cover the closet mess- without the curtains making it look like more of a mess. I'm not sure what to use to hang them.

03 April 2012

diaper bags.

I will have two "babies" soon. 
I realize Annabelle is not a baby, but I call her Baby and she still requires me to pack a lot of stuff in my bag for her before we go out. {sippy cup, soo, diapers, wipes, snack, toys/books, depending on where we're going a change of clothes} A new baby seems to need even more! {soothers, blankets, burp clothes, for sure a change of clothes or two, bottles, wipes, diapers, sanitizers, etc} And then there is me. I like to carry my own things in my bag too! {water bottle, phone, keys, make-up, pen/paper, snack, wallet.}

With all this stuff, I am going to need a large diaper bag! Right now my diaper bag is perfect. It has a large zipper pocket, waterproof inside and out, insulated bottle pockets on both sides, two front small pockets- perfect for my phone, keys & a soo. It's a hands free, {as you can see from the lovely picture of me preparing to catch Annabelle} over the shoulder bag, perfect for carrying Annabelle. Inside there is a side zipper pocket and two large pockets that fit diapers/ wipes. I keep very organized with this bag. 

I bought it through Amazon's MyHabit. It was priced at $75, but I had a $25 credit for signing up with them, so I only paid $50 for the diaper bag! {I just found it (Storksak Emily-Pewter) selling on Amazon for $175!!} Needless to say I could never spend $175 on a diaper bag. In fact, it was a big splurge when I handed over $50 for the bag. It's been well worth it.

Back to needed more room:

Look at this pretty bag. 
Of course it's the very trendy Petunia Pickle Bottom brand which also costs an arm and a leg. I still really want it. I showed my mom and apparently all my step sisters/ step sister in law's have this bag in different patterns. I was at my mom's house with one of my steps the other day and did in fact notice she had it. She let me examine it and yes, I still want it. 
All $130 of it.

Don't you think it's a perfect big diaper bag? My mom thinks it's too big and will get too unorganized in there... perhaps... but if I didn't have a big bag, would I have to get two diaper bags? One for Annabelle and one for new baby? 
Any advice or suggestions? What did you do with two "babies"? Did it work?