03 March 2012

Update of late.

I completed the February Photo a Day Challenge! It was fun. I don't usually get a chance to use my computer each day, but it was easy when I posted straight from my phone. I'm going to do March's Photo a day, but I'll have to catch up because I haven't started yet.
I worked at Studio Cove's Kids Care for the last few months... Just a couple days a week for a couple hours. I loved it, and some days dreaded going cause I was too tired. :)
The gym members didn't use it enough and so the owner decided to get rid of it and better use the space. I had my last day yesterday and helped cleaned the place out after. {that's me in the picture of my last day at work.}
I think Annabelle will miss it a lot. She made a lot of little friends and she really enjoyed the big area to play in with lots of new toys. She learned a lot there from playing with other kids and seeing the older kids play. Little things, like how to play with cars, play pass with balls, how to color, to use the kitchen to make pretend food and drinks, to climb up and slide down the slide, how to build with the big Lego blocks, how to share & take turns, how to play that fishing game where all the fish go around and you use a little pole to catch them in their mouths.... and lady how to hit. {ya, I really love that last one!}
She likes to hit heads of kids that have long hair or bows or flowers, occasionally sneaking up behind them. Goodness Anniebellie, we need to learn better, don't we?
We call Annabelle, Baby a lot. I guess we should try to stop that because we we have our next baby, it will be the baby. Oh man, so many things to think about... A second baby will be a challenge, I'm sure.
Annabelle loves being outside and going for walks- the kind where she walks. She cries a bit every time we come inside after outside time. I'm hoping it will warm up soon so I can tolerate the temperature.

A few weeks ago she had an ear infection and bronchiolitis. She got sick and I assumed it was just a passing cold, but it wasn't going away so we went to the doctor and I wish I had taken her in sooner. Poor girl was so miserable... not sleeping well and had lost her usually large appetite but she's all better now. I kinda liked how snuggly she was though.
She's above the 95th percentile for height and just under the 50th for weight. She's healthy and active and strong and smart.

She says a few words which is really fun. She'll say, shoes, soosoo {that's what we call her soother}, dada, momma, no, yup, dirty, don't, milk, and probably a couple I'm not thinking of right now. She calls any drink milk. She often stands below the sink in the kitchen and says milk?, meaning she'd like a glass of water. I also think the dirty one is funny. She always waves her hand back & forth facing the floor {or whatever she's talking about, like the toilet} when she says it. Or when she finds garbage or lint or something on the floor, or spills, etc.
I remembered what else she says a billion times a day, "what's this?" and "me". She's now 16 months old.

She eats a ton and anything. She loooves bananas and has one about every day. Other than that, she really just eats whatever we're eating. I'm happy she's easy to feed!

Chase is busy busy with school, he's taking his last 4 classed this semester. Yay for that! He'll start spring work & aerating as soon as this latest snow melts. We were glad for the last two storms. He was talking to another guy who's plowed snow since the mid 1990s and he said this was the worst winter since he started! Yikes. I'm glad we made it through without a problem. We're grateful we had a savings, that's for sure.

There is my long update. Enjoy!
Xoxo, Brittany

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