22 March 2012

sleepy annabelle.

Sleepy Annabelle is my favourite.
She is a very good sleeper. {at least when she's not sick}

She's grown attached to her cozy blankie. VERY attached. 
I think it's sweet, except I still kinda miss the days napping with my goldie blankie... yes they are one and the same. 
She sleeps with it on her left side & with Bunny on her right side. She STILL has a bottle before nap and bed always and while she drinks it, she tucks her 'soo'* under her chin for when she finishes her bottle. This is every single nap and night. She started sleeping with a pillow to prop her head up because she had a little cold, but she likes it, so I think it's permanent now.

She sleeps for 2-5 hours in the day... yes you read that right! Sometimes up to 5 hours!!! (anywhere between 11 am - 5pm) It's heaven when she sleeps 5 because I can nap AND get some things done. If it's just 2 hours, then I just nap. :)
She sleeps at night for about 9 - 12 hours, depending on the day and when she went to bed. (between 8:30pm - 11:00pm, waking up between 8am - 10:30am) 

She's wonderful and happy.
She always wakes up giggling and chatting and playing in her crib until we get her out. {unless she's gone number 2 during her sleep- then she wakes up crying. :( } Going to sleep, she pretty much always whines for a while before she falls asleep. Unless she starts crying we just let her whine.

*by the way: 
where i grew up, in canada, people did not use the word binky. in fact, i didn't know what that word meant until i moved here. we called them soothers. i still call it a soother. chase and i keep shortening it though, so it went from soother > soosoo > soos > soo. we call it any of those and annabelle calls it a soo / soos. sometimes i even call it dr. seuss. 
soos sound like seuss in case you were wondering.
and that's also why i spell favourite with a u.


camilla said...

5 hours! I have no idea what I would do with that much time. My boys didn't even sleep that long when they were newborns. And they can still hardly sleep that long at night.

bethany jane. said...

she's getting hair!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Hair! I know, finally.
And Camilla, it's VERY rare shell sleep 5 hours. But the few times she does is amazing.

alisa fawn said...

here they call them dummies. short for dummy teat. this makes some americans we tell feel slightly uncomfortable or giggle, especially when euan explains it.