26 March 2012

introducing annabelle to: mr. dressup.

The other day I was "talking" to my family about TV shows with good music and I got carried away thinking about TV shows from our youth. 
{talking via internet}

My brother suggested I look some up shows on YouTube if I wanted to see them... and that I did. 
annabellie boo watching mr. dressup

I made Annabelle watch with me. We watched clips from:

Mr. Dressup 
Fred Penner's Place
Under The Umbrella Tree
Today's Special
Sharon, Lois & Bran
Lamp Chops

I didn't think I remembered much about any of the shows, but once I watched, the memories of the songs and characters came flooding back. I really really liked Mr. Dressup when I was little and of all the clips I watched, I still liked his show best. Annabelle even sat through the 8 minute clip! She didn't sit through any other of the shows. 

His show is a Canadian show. He would talk to the camera about his day. The set was his house and backyard. He had a Tickle Trunk full of costumes and he'd dress up and act things out. He would hang out with his puppet friends and have guests and sing songs and do crafts. He was this cute old grandpa.

I want to buy the DVDs of Mr. Dressup for my kids to enjoy as they grow up!

jumping on my bed watching lamb chops

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alisa fawn said...

what a great idea! I loved sharon, lois & bram. I sing skinnamarink ( is that how you spell it?) to eleanor all the time.