31 March 2012

three of my favourite things...

The obvious fav, Cadbury Mini Eggs. 
We've already been through 4 bags since they started selling them and I wouldn't mind going through a couple more before the Easter season is over.

LDS General Conference. 

I already listened to both sessions of conference today and have loved them.
During the 10am session we went up to my moms house. We have family in town and it was a full house. My sister, Bethany did my eyelash extensions during and Annabelle was a very good girl. She read books, played with blocks, ate some eggs and sat quietly (and occasionally not so quietly) with Daddy.
During the afternoon session, we brought Annabelle home to nap and we watched and listened to the live stream from lds.org on my laptop in our room. So lovely to be able to be comfortable (especially at 8 months pregnant) while listening to such great council.

This is a great scripture:

2 Nephi 25: 26 And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

Another favourite thing, my most favourite of the three: 
My husband and my baby, especially when Annabelle snuggles her daddy at City Creek. They are so sweet. I am so lucky.

26 March 2012

introducing annabelle to: mr. dressup.

The other day I was "talking" to my family about TV shows with good music and I got carried away thinking about TV shows from our youth. 
{talking via internet}

My brother suggested I look some up shows on YouTube if I wanted to see them... and that I did. 
annabellie boo watching mr. dressup

I made Annabelle watch with me. We watched clips from:

Mr. Dressup 
Fred Penner's Place
Under The Umbrella Tree
Today's Special
Sharon, Lois & Bran
Lamp Chops

I didn't think I remembered much about any of the shows, but once I watched, the memories of the songs and characters came flooding back. I really really liked Mr. Dressup when I was little and of all the clips I watched, I still liked his show best. Annabelle even sat through the 8 minute clip! She didn't sit through any other of the shows. 

His show is a Canadian show. He would talk to the camera about his day. The set was his house and backyard. He had a Tickle Trunk full of costumes and he'd dress up and act things out. He would hang out with his puppet friends and have guests and sing songs and do crafts. He was this cute old grandpa.

I want to buy the DVDs of Mr. Dressup for my kids to enjoy as they grow up!

jumping on my bed watching lamb chops

22 March 2012

sleepy annabelle.

Sleepy Annabelle is my favourite.
She is a very good sleeper. {at least when she's not sick}

She's grown attached to her cozy blankie. VERY attached. 
I think it's sweet, except I still kinda miss the days napping with my goldie blankie... yes they are one and the same. 
She sleeps with it on her left side & with Bunny on her right side. She STILL has a bottle before nap and bed always and while she drinks it, she tucks her 'soo'* under her chin for when she finishes her bottle. This is every single nap and night. She started sleeping with a pillow to prop her head up because she had a little cold, but she likes it, so I think it's permanent now.

She sleeps for 2-5 hours in the day... yes you read that right! Sometimes up to 5 hours!!! (anywhere between 11 am - 5pm) It's heaven when she sleeps 5 because I can nap AND get some things done. If it's just 2 hours, then I just nap. :)
She sleeps at night for about 9 - 12 hours, depending on the day and when she went to bed. (between 8:30pm - 11:00pm, waking up between 8am - 10:30am) 

She's wonderful and happy.
She always wakes up giggling and chatting and playing in her crib until we get her out. {unless she's gone number 2 during her sleep- then she wakes up crying. :( } Going to sleep, she pretty much always whines for a while before she falls asleep. Unless she starts crying we just let her whine.

*by the way: 
where i grew up, in canada, people did not use the word binky. in fact, i didn't know what that word meant until i moved here. we called them soothers. i still call it a soother. chase and i keep shortening it though, so it went from soother > soosoo > soos > soo. we call it any of those and annabelle calls it a soo / soos. sometimes i even call it dr. seuss. 
soos sound like seuss in case you were wondering.
and that's also why i spell favourite with a u.

18 March 2012

recent life.

The Photo-a-Day Challenge was fun while I was into it {in February} but March didn't seem to captivate me.... so on to more exciting blogging.

I am 30 weeks pregnant as of last Thursday. I am due May 24th! I keep having these feelings that the baby is going to come early. I don't know if I just assume that because Annabelle came 11 days early though. Maybe baby will be born on Chase's birthday, the 12th.
I better pack my bag now.

It seems like so many of my friends are also pregnant and I love it. It's very fun being able to chat about the woes of pregnancy and have that in common with someone.
And I certainly have woes:
I am very very tired. Too tired. It's hard keeping up with Annabelle everyday, let alone the house.
I have pelvic girdle pain, SI joint pain and all sorts of aches. It's hard to lift my legs, roll over in bed, take stairs, lift heavy things, etc.
I have headaches about everyday. Usually in the afternoon/early evening.
I am only very lately starting to feel swelling in my feet and hands and it's only every so often.
There are more, but I'll stop complaining.

Although there are many challenges, I'm very happy with life right now. Besides being WAY more tired, all my other pregnancy-woes are less severe than last pregnancy. I have Annabelle running around to thank for the tiredness. I have a better diet and exercise to thank for the healthier pregnancy. I'm still gaining too much weight. I actually don't know how to gage my weight gain....

I got pregnant at the End of August. I lost 10 pounds from then until mid-November, it was the last 10 to lose from the 50 pounds I gained while I was pregnant with Annabelle. 
I found out I was pregnant and 16 weeks pregnant on December 8th! {BIG SURPRISE} Since then I've gained 20 pounds... but since the beginning of my pregnancy I've only gained 10 pounds. I hope to gain not more than 10 more pounds.

I'm keeping busy with:
cleaning and organizing my house- for the new baby.
coming up with food ideas for breaky, lunch & dinner every day.
trying to make it easy, healthy and yummy... hello green smoothies.
napping when Annabelle naps. almost daily, heaven.
playing outside with our chickens... Annabelle can't get enough of the chickens!
going on walks with Annabelle, she also can't get enough of being outside.
reading and reading and reading with Annabelle.
spending time with my mom, sisters, niece and nephew.
slowly but surely finishing a quilt for Annabelle so I can start on a quilt for our new baby.
and last but not least... checking pinterest for new ideas & reading blogs!

Things I'd like to be doing:
watercolor painting.
more sewing; quilts, curtains and a baby dress
deep cleaning my house.
getting in more exercise.
planning play dates with friends.
painting my finger and toe nails.
painting our master bedroom.
planting our garden... the peas need to go in soon!
dejunking our storage rooms.
organizing my digital photos.
and reading good books.

And here are some photos to enjoy:

last day working kids care at the gym.
saying goodbye.

picking up grandmas cat.
seriously the cat loved it and kept coming back for more.

me, walking above 11th east with annabelle.

reading with daddy.

surprise! i have messy hair after my bath.

a walk with daddy.
and mommy who is taking the picture.

playing outside with grandma.
chase made the tree trunk seats.

sweeping up
after a long afternoon playing in grandma's backyard.

annabelle's quilt and annabelle.
chasing the chickens.


she loves picking up and holding our chickens!
{no help from us.}

Xoxo, Brittany.

12 March 2012

11. Someone you talked to today.

I talked to Mom & Bruce tonight. They came over for a pre-birthday dinner. My mom's birthday is in two days.

Happy Birthday Mom! Love you.

11 March 2012

10. Loud

It's opposite day! {this picture was quiet... not loud.}

Here Chase and Annabelle sit by the lamp to read together. She reads some to him and he reads some to her. This little picture is perfect to me. Annabelle reads a ton everyday, she looks at books at jabbers away as if she is really reading us the book. She's very thoughtful when she chooses a book. She'll pull out about 10 books before she finds the one she wants that day. It gets messy!

Chase stopped working early today and we went for a dinner picnic at the park, then we came home and had hot chocolate and read. It was a perfect evening. I love my family.

09 March 2012

9. Red

Chase bought a new {red} lawn mower! It's awesome and he's super excited about it... How could he not be? He'll never get tired working and it's a much better mower than his other ones. Plus he got a free {red} hat and hoodie when he bought it. Free is always fun.

The aerating and lawn care season is here now! Chase will be a busy bee with work and school and looking for another job and training his workers to run his business... plus being the amazing dad he always is.

{call chase for any yard care needs, 801.979.8156!}

08 March 2012

8. Window

Does it matter that I didn't take the pictures for today? Brooklyn took them on her phone and I just loved them. I rarely get candid shots of myself.
We spent all afternoon playing outside in Grandma's backyard- building birds nests, digging in dirt and looking for "signs of spring". Oliver and Eleanor are good little friends to Annabelle. {except when A hits E.} Everyone got really dirty. Really it was mostly Annabelle because her favorite thing was throwing dirt.
After we came in, I gave Annie a little sink bath. She's so much fun and pretty close to being too big for the sink! I think that first picture is funny-- my reaction to her throwing the wet cloth. The last one is too adorable as well.
Ps: there are windows in these pictures.

8. Window.

07 March 2012

6. 5 pm

We go on walks almost every day. If its too cold we limit the walk to a couple minutes. Sometimes when daddy comes with us he jokes that Annabelle walks faster than I do! {usually I'm just waddling along after them. :)}

In this case we were waiting for my sister to get home and went on a little walk in front of her place. I gave Annabelle my scarf and I think she wears it better than I do!!
Funny thing about these pictures is after I took them, I thought oh I hope I can use these for the March Photo a Day Challenge! I checked the day, March 6th, and it said 5pm. I checked the time and it was just after 5! Perfect timing, things like that make me happy.

5. Smile.

Three generations of smiles.

Obviously we know which one is the cutest. I rarely can get a genuine smile from baby girl in a picture. I think this one is hilarious.

04 March 2012

March 4th. Bedside.

Here is the side of Annabelle's bed. 
She likes to play in that corner... It's her little space where no one else can go.

03 March 2012

March Photo a Day ... 1, 2 & 3!

1. up: We sat UP on the very top row at the jazz vs. heat game. It was perfect for Annabelle because she was able to run around behind us. {don't mind her red streaky eyes!}

2. fruit: Bananas in the dark. They look like a planet to me in the picture. We always buy a lot of bananas because they are yummy in smoothies, sliced over cereal plus Annabelle loves them.

3. your neighbourhood: Fatmumslim is from Australia so she knows the right way to spell neighbourhood. Here is Annabelle and her momma walking in front of our pretty little home. I love the view of the pretty snowy mountains against the blue sky.

Xoxo, Brittany.
ps: If you're doing the photo challenge this month, let me know so I can be sure to follow you.

Update of late.

I completed the February Photo a Day Challenge! It was fun. I don't usually get a chance to use my computer each day, but it was easy when I posted straight from my phone. I'm going to do March's Photo a day, but I'll have to catch up because I haven't started yet.
I worked at Studio Cove's Kids Care for the last few months... Just a couple days a week for a couple hours. I loved it, and some days dreaded going cause I was too tired. :)
The gym members didn't use it enough and so the owner decided to get rid of it and better use the space. I had my last day yesterday and helped cleaned the place out after. {that's me in the picture of my last day at work.}
I think Annabelle will miss it a lot. She made a lot of little friends and she really enjoyed the big area to play in with lots of new toys. She learned a lot there from playing with other kids and seeing the older kids play. Little things, like how to play with cars, play pass with balls, how to color, to use the kitchen to make pretend food and drinks, to climb up and slide down the slide, how to build with the big Lego blocks, how to share & take turns, how to play that fishing game where all the fish go around and you use a little pole to catch them in their mouths.... and lady how to hit. {ya, I really love that last one!}
She likes to hit heads of kids that have long hair or bows or flowers, occasionally sneaking up behind them. Goodness Anniebellie, we need to learn better, don't we?
We call Annabelle, Baby a lot. I guess we should try to stop that because we we have our next baby, it will be the baby. Oh man, so many things to think about... A second baby will be a challenge, I'm sure.
Annabelle loves being outside and going for walks- the kind where she walks. She cries a bit every time we come inside after outside time. I'm hoping it will warm up soon so I can tolerate the temperature.

A few weeks ago she had an ear infection and bronchiolitis. She got sick and I assumed it was just a passing cold, but it wasn't going away so we went to the doctor and I wish I had taken her in sooner. Poor girl was so miserable... not sleeping well and had lost her usually large appetite but she's all better now. I kinda liked how snuggly she was though.
She's above the 95th percentile for height and just under the 50th for weight. She's healthy and active and strong and smart.

She says a few words which is really fun. She'll say, shoes, soosoo {that's what we call her soother}, dada, momma, no, yup, dirty, don't, milk, and probably a couple I'm not thinking of right now. She calls any drink milk. She often stands below the sink in the kitchen and says milk?, meaning she'd like a glass of water. I also think the dirty one is funny. She always waves her hand back & forth facing the floor {or whatever she's talking about, like the toilet} when she says it. Or when she finds garbage or lint or something on the floor, or spills, etc.
I remembered what else she says a billion times a day, "what's this?" and "me". She's now 16 months old.

She eats a ton and anything. She loooves bananas and has one about every day. Other than that, she really just eats whatever we're eating. I'm happy she's easy to feed!

Chase is busy busy with school, he's taking his last 4 classed this semester. Yay for that! He'll start spring work & aerating as soon as this latest snow melts. We were glad for the last two storms. He was talking to another guy who's plowed snow since the mid 1990s and he said this was the worst winter since he started! Yikes. I'm glad we made it through without a problem. We're grateful we had a savings, that's for sure.

There is my long update. Enjoy!
Xoxo, Brittany