09 February 2012

swim swimerie baby bea.

Annabelle is in swim lessons. It's a parent-tot class so Chase and I get to go with her every week. She's learning how to blow bubbles, put her head all the way under the water, lay on her front, lay on her back, kick her legs &&& it's adorable!

In her baths we like to keep her water toasty toasty warm so every time she gets in the pool, she shivers and shivers the whole time. 
Poor thing. 
Last week Chase decided to take her for a dip in the hot tub after lessons. It wasn't a ver hot hot tub, mind you. The instructors got pretty upset though... tee hee.

I wrote the above a few weeks ago and saved it as a draft, but now I wanted to update before I post. Annabelle is now working on holding the side by herself and crawling with her little hands back and forth. It's so cute because she's so little and strong to be able to hold herself up and move. She's also practicing jumping off the edge of the pool and playing with the toys. 

She sure enjoys time in the water!

my strong baby crawling along the edge of the pool, without help.


Emily M. said...

this is so so cute! leah has the sailor swimsuit too! where are these swim lessons? what a fantastic idea! (i have a phobia of drowning, and i think this would help!) :)

leah jane said...

This is so fun, I loved swimming lessons growing up and can't wait to do this with my kids. Also, love the suit in the first picture, so cute on Annabelle!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

It's at Westminster. You should sign your baby up Em.