09 February 2012

progress report.

As I posted earlier this month, I am doing the 29 day Organizational challenge:

It's been a week and I've aaaaaaalmost gotten through organizing my clothing. Which is always the biggest problem of mine.
 Here's what I did.
I took ALL of my clothes out of the room- starting with the many many many loads of clean clothes that had piled up in baskets covering the floor. I brought everything to our living room sofa {the hubs wasn't so pleased about my idea}. Then I sorted things. I had two piles. Things that fit my body right now (that I like to wear) &&& then the rest of the clothes!!! I folded the not-now clothes and hung the wear now clothes. 

I can see the floor in our bedroom again! Yay.

Annabelle has been sick, so I haven't made more progress since the beginning of the week... but this weekend and next week will hopefully be very productive.

challenge day 1: master bedroom. i think we have a floor...

all those baskets were full in the room.
{of those clothes on our sofa}
 it took forever to sort.

hanging clothes to go back in my closet
{dresses, skirts, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, long sleeve, short & sleeveless}
folded clothes to go in are beside

clothes to store / give away
{mostly because they don't fit}

What are you doing this month to be more organized?
I need motivation!


sara d. said...

keep up the good work, I know it is hard!

Elizabeth said...

I chose to do my living room. You know how you said your husband wasn't too pleased about you using the living room as a 'sort it out' area? Well.....I always use my living room that way. And my husband is not pleased either. :) So I'm trying to figure out how to clear it out and make it a real living room and have the space it deserves. I need to put my ongoing projects some where else and bring them out ONLY when I am working on them, then put them back. It's slow....but it is working. My husband even took out his 5-6 different tool boxes/buckets and put them in his workshop at work where they belong. Please note he didn't even SEE that his tools were there and in my way, it must be all my mess. haha!
Anyway the more I get done, the better I feel and the more energy I have. I am really loving this side effect! I hope the same is happening for you.