01 February 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

My cousin Jerilyn posted this and it seems like a fun thing to do. I've always been interested in the one photo a day for a year posts, but I think my commitment level would dwindle after a month. Plus this way I'm told what to photograph. I'm sure others doing this will be using nice cameras but I'll just use my iPhone. 
If you do it too, I'll link you at the bottom, so let me know.

Challenge details by original post-er, FatMumSlim.

sister bethany
cousin jerilyn
blogger rachel
blogger noelle


Noelle said...

Do you have Instagram? You should def get that to do your photoaday!

Jerilyn said...

yay! Mine will mostly be from my phone too...(easier) Also, good idea to do a little mini linky party.

bethany jane. said...

Fun! I want in!

alisa fawn said...

I think I want in too! Even though I don't have a fancy phone to make it easier, why not give it a go?!