02 February 2012

another challenge? yes please.

It's no secret I'm a hoarder. I am and it's out there. 

The number one room in my house that makes me cringe in the master bedroom. It's horrid. Too horrid for before pictures even. It is my room of choice for this 29 day challenge. 
Because I've changed sizes 13569872598745 times, I have enough clothes to clothe a family! {as long as the family is all female and ranges from size 4 to size 16, plus a couple pregnant women... sounds like a horrible family!} My main challenge is keeping my clothes in order. It seems like each time I do, I switch sizes or get pregnant. Also, my husband does not keep a single thing in the room. He has his downstairs room with all his everything, because it's too messy and unorganized to fit him in. I feel bad about this and I want to let him {ok, his stuff} in. 
I would also like to make the room pretty again. It was pretty when we moved in. Slowly I've moved decorations and photos to fit in my junk... that's a bad move. I have some nice things I would like to have up in there and February is the time to do it!

I'm going to go take pictures for the before, and may or may not post them. After I take pictures, I will start the process. Eeek. Wish me luck.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: do you have a room that needs a major redo? do this with me... let me know and i'll link you up.

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Mark,Kim Lau said...

You are a funny one, good luck,and yes we want to see pictures.