07 February 2012

6. Dinner

Here is our dinner tonight... Cafe Rio! 
We had a free meal and kids eat free so it didn't cost too much either.
I always order the toppings for my Salad on the side which makes our tray very full. I also ordered an extra dressing and saved my chips, so if I get a craving for Cafe Rio again this week, I don't have to go buy it- I'll have some of it's taste ready for my mouth in the fridge. 
Annabelle loves the strawberry, guacamole, beans, rice, tomatoes and tortillas, so it's a great place to take her-- although this time she grabbed a full cup and dumped ice down her onsie. 
Whoops... so messy!

ps: thanks bethany who noted that this post was originally blank. whoops.


bethany jane. said...

there's no picture of your "dinner" - are you aware of this?

alisa fawn said...

your dinner was sooooooooo much better than mine.

bethany jane. said...

Funny, Kimball and I had Rio the other day too. I still have the dressing in the fridge!