22 February 2012

22. where you work.

This is the kids care at studio cove. One wall is white and one is bright green! That's Annabelle in the background. She loves going to work with me. There are lots of toys, a kitchen, train tracks, a farm, balls, musical instruments, coloring, puzzles, etc etc. It's been really nice for Annabelle to enjoy so many toys and little friends. I only go a couple hours in the morning, a few days a week. Seriously it's been the perfect job for me so I'm getting out and seeing people and I get to bring my baby along. :)

Sadly the kids care has been reeeeally slow and kids just aren't coming like they used to. They are closing it at the end of next week. I feel bad for Annabelle. She'll miss going!! Me too.

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Janelle said...

Sad! Does this mean no more job?? (and no more cleaning lady?? I'm still so jealous!)