21 February 2012

21. a fav photo of you {or 5}

I went on Facebook and screen-shotted some of my favorite pictures of myself from the random albums I looked in. I had a lot more but had to narrow it down to 5 so I could email the pictures to my blog from my phone. They were mostly from 2007-2009 because that's when I was my skinniest... And doesn't everyone love pictures of when they were skinny??! {at least fat people do} I tried to even out the years and I think I'm going to do this more. :)

These were all very happy days!
1. Christmas photo shoot with Chase in 2009.
2. Photoshoot for fun in backyard in 2007.
3. The Police concert with Chase in 2008, right after I had a practice updo for my wedding hair.
4. Minutes after Annabelle was born in 2010.
5. On the subway in NYC with Chase in 2011.

Xoxo, Brittany.

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