14 February 2012

14. Heart

Happy Valentines Day!
Chase cleaned out my car for valentines day. I couldn't have needed it more. He then surprised me with an adorable duckie container with a baby duck inside. And to top it of earrings!
{...and I thought we weren't doing presents...}
I got Annabelle a Little Critter book called "The New Baby" and Daddy got her a magnetic farm. Sweet daddy.

Today I went to The Dodo for lunch with my mom, sissies and friend Virginia. I ordered the warmed Brie with baguettes and fruit. Mmm... It's my favorite ever! I'm always craving it.
I love valentines day.
Love love love.
Xoxo, Brittany.

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alisa fawn said...

I love that bushel and a peck thing! What is it? My grandma always, always sings it and I always sing it to Eleanor, it is a favourite song in our family to say the least!