13 February 2012

13. Blue

We have 4 of these blue bowls. 
They are my favorite and I would have bought more, but that's all they had at DI. :)

I collected dishes before I got married and I'm so glad I did because there's no way that I would be able to justify buying pretty dishes now! 
{although these bowls were 50 cents, most everything else came from Anthro}

On another note, notice the green in Annabelle's oatmeal? It's a green smoothie. I made one this morning and she would only take tiny sips, so I poured some in her oatmeal and she didn't even notice, so I kept pouring in more. This is day two of making a green smoothie.

Today it was:
A bunch of Kale
1 1/2 frozen Bananas
A couple cups of frozen Strawberries
Skim milk to my desired smoothness
A bit of agave

I loved it. Chase liked it but he said it tasted too Kale-y. Perhaps I didn't blend long enough because there were little bits of Kale leaves in it.
Any Kale smoothie tips?


Tom And Hailee said...

I have been doing green smoothies for a little while now. I love them I use kale or spinach...i also put broccoli. Just put whatever you want in it. This morning i did an apple a banana a handful of frozen raspberries two big handfuls of spinach a little broccoli and a thing of yogurt with a little water and ice. I have a friend that loves avacado in hers i have never tried it but she loves it...Just throw whatever you think will be good in it just make sure you have enough fruit or it will taste like you are eating the greens. I love them!!

Noelle said...

Have you ever made kale chips? My co-worker made some and apparently they are all the rage right now (just google kale chips). It has such a great crunch and they were so delish (and healthy, duh.) She made hers with evoo and some applewood smoked sea salt. I'm going to make some this weekend, but if you already have kale on hand, you should try it!