11 February 2012

11. Makes you happy.

Nana. Nana makes me happy.

Chase's grandma, Nana, is in the hospital. The doctor said she won't last the week. As Chase and I were visiting with her, she & Chase we're reminiscing the days when Chase was young and would eat all Nana's cookies. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. They were/are Nana's favorites.

Anyone who is dying deserves to eat the cookies they love most, so I ran to the store and came back with a box. You should have seen Nana's face light up when she saw the box! She was thrilled!!!
Her face doesn't look it and her eyes are closed in the shot, but look at her hand reaching for the box and her other hand went up to her head and you may get a glimpse of the joy those cookies brought her. I wish I caught that moment on tape. Another thing that made me happy was seeing cute Chase break off little pieces of the cookie and feed his grandma. 
So sweet.

Nana makes me happy. 
Chase's smile makes me happy. 
Cookies make me happy.
Hospital visits make me happy. 
Helping Nana feel happy makes me happy!!

{update: nana passed away in the early morning of 2/12/12}


Jerilyn said...

How sweet. I love this.

Emily M. said...

that is so sweet. i love it. love to chase and his family.