29 February 2012

29. What you're listening to

This is a random playlist on my phone that I actually love. All songs that cone along with fun memories.
That's the end of the February Photo a Day challenge!!! 

Get excited for March. 

28 February 2012

28. Money

I'm saving these guys for a trip to CO and AZ... I hope. And/ or a new camera! And/or baby things.
I couldn't decide which picture to post, so you get two.

27 February 2012

27. Something you ate.

Really I didn't, but Chase & Annabelle ate cookies dipped in milk. He showed her how to do it and she picked it right up. It was super cute. Lest you think all our baby eats is cookies and milk, that's her green smoothie beside her in her pink cup.
I love capturing daddy baby time.

26. Night

Night time in baby's crib. Her half empty bottle, bunny, goldie blankie {that she won't live without}, warm bright pink cat blanket and little soosoo make her night complete. I had to crop out her glow worm that sings lullabies and sleep sheep that makes weird noises but those are part of her nights too.

Best of all is her little fuzzy bed head hair.

My favorite thing to do is take pictures of Annabellie while she sleeps!

25 February 2012

25. Green

This is a bracelet from Nana. I love it and am glad one stone is green so I can post it as my photo today. little vintage treasures are so exciting to me. Xoxo.

24. Bathroom cabinet

Out cabinet is white boring and empty.
But Annabelle is adorable in her socks and coat and necklace. We spent all morning helping Chase's parents clean out Nana's apartment. Annabelle was a good sport.

24 February 2012

23. Shoes

I wore these shoes the night I met Chase. September 20, 2007.

My mom bought them from Old Navy and eventually gave them to me. I go in and out of wearing them but when my feet are on their way to be swollen, they're the perfect shoe because they're old and stretched out.

Plus Chase loves them still... I only remember I wore them because that night he made a big deal about how awesome they were. (and I was really embarrassed they were from old navy, not somewhere fancy.)

22 February 2012

Update: 29 Day Organizational Challenge

I was supposed to link up last Friday and forgot. Oops! Chase is always busy with our computer- studying and homeworking and such, so I'll do a little update by phone. I cleaned off the top of my dresser AND half the drawers!! I'm condensed into one half do chase can get in his half now. I cleaned out my closet drawers and still don't know what will go back in there. I also cleaned out over one half of the hanging area... Welcome into our room hubbies clothing! It's liberating getting rid of so many clothes and junk and even stuff that's not junk but that I don't use so he can fit his stuff in. More on this 29 Day Organizational Challenge later! Ps: sorry for lame pictures, they're all I had already on my phone.


22. where you work.

This is the kids care at studio cove. One wall is white and one is bright green! That's Annabelle in the background. She loves going to work with me. There are lots of toys, a kitchen, train tracks, a farm, balls, musical instruments, coloring, puzzles, etc etc. It's been really nice for Annabelle to enjoy so many toys and little friends. I only go a couple hours in the morning, a few days a week. Seriously it's been the perfect job for me so I'm getting out and seeing people and I get to bring my baby along. :)

Sadly the kids care has been reeeeally slow and kids just aren't coming like they used to. They are closing it at the end of next week. I feel bad for Annabelle. She'll miss going!! Me too.

21 February 2012

21. a fav photo of you {or 5}

I went on Facebook and screen-shotted some of my favorite pictures of myself from the random albums I looked in. I had a lot more but had to narrow it down to 5 so I could email the pictures to my blog from my phone. They were mostly from 2007-2009 because that's when I was my skinniest... And doesn't everyone love pictures of when they were skinny??! {at least fat people do} I tried to even out the years and I think I'm going to do this more. :)

These were all very happy days!
1. Christmas photo shoot with Chase in 2009.
2. Photoshoot for fun in backyard in 2007.
3. The Police concert with Chase in 2008, right after I had a practice updo for my wedding hair.
4. Minutes after Annabelle was born in 2010.
5. On the subway in NYC with Chase in 2011.

Xoxo, Brittany.

20 February 2012

20. Handwriting.

Annabelle loves to practice her handwriting. And she's getting better and better all the time!

19 February 2012

19. Something you hate to do

Shoveling and clearing off snowy cars when it's freezing out!
Luckily my husband is always on top of the snow. He's great at always doing the jobs I don't like.

Ps: we are very thankful for the snow though.

18 February 2012

18. Drink

Here we are at Nana's gravesite service. {She liked to drink... :)} But then Annabelle was too cute in the tub drinking the bathwater out of the stopper {so gross... i know}, so we have two drinks today.

17 February 2012

17. Time

I forgot to do today's photo, but luckily I had this photo from this morning.
While I was at work (the kids care at the gym studio cove), I facetimed Chase and took a screen shot. There was "time" behind me. The clock reads just after 10:30 but my image is flipped.

Ps: I can't believe I've actually been doing this February Photo a Day challenge. Go me.

16. Something new

The earrings chase bought me. They're beautiful and I didn't have anything like them yet. Thanks sweetie.

14 February 2012

14. Heart

Happy Valentines Day!
Chase cleaned out my car for valentines day. I couldn't have needed it more. He then surprised me with an adorable duckie container with a baby duck inside. And to top it of earrings!
{...and I thought we weren't doing presents...}
I got Annabelle a Little Critter book called "The New Baby" and Daddy got her a magnetic farm. Sweet daddy.

Today I went to The Dodo for lunch with my mom, sissies and friend Virginia. I ordered the warmed Brie with baguettes and fruit. Mmm... It's my favorite ever! I'm always craving it.
I love valentines day.
Love love love.
Xoxo, Brittany.

13 February 2012

13. Blue

We have 4 of these blue bowls. 
They are my favorite and I would have bought more, but that's all they had at DI. :)

I collected dishes before I got married and I'm so glad I did because there's no way that I would be able to justify buying pretty dishes now! 
{although these bowls were 50 cents, most everything else came from Anthro}

On another note, notice the green in Annabelle's oatmeal? It's a green smoothie. I made one this morning and she would only take tiny sips, so I poured some in her oatmeal and she didn't even notice, so I kept pouring in more. This is day two of making a green smoothie.

Today it was:
A bunch of Kale
1 1/2 frozen Bananas
A couple cups of frozen Strawberries
Skim milk to my desired smoothness
A bit of agave

I loved it. Chase liked it but he said it tasted too Kale-y. Perhaps I didn't blend long enough because there were little bits of Kale leaves in it.
Any Kale smoothie tips?

12. Closet

This is a quarter of my closet. I hate {and have a} poorly designed closets.

I'm in the middle of reorganizing my closet, this is the only part that's done... and it's not even done. I want my clothes to go in the opposite order there. Right now it goes, dresses, skirts, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, long sleeved tees, short sleeved and sleeveless.

Alright, if this closet was yours, what color would you add? It's so... blah.

11 February 2012

11. Makes you happy.

Nana. Nana makes me happy.

Chase's grandma, Nana, is in the hospital. The doctor said she won't last the week. As Chase and I were visiting with her, she & Chase we're reminiscing the days when Chase was young and would eat all Nana's cookies. Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. They were/are Nana's favorites.

Anyone who is dying deserves to eat the cookies they love most, so I ran to the store and came back with a box. You should have seen Nana's face light up when she saw the box! She was thrilled!!!
Her face doesn't look it and her eyes are closed in the shot, but look at her hand reaching for the box and her other hand went up to her head and you may get a glimpse of the joy those cookies brought her. I wish I caught that moment on tape. Another thing that made me happy was seeing cute Chase break off little pieces of the cookie and feed his grandma. 
So sweet.

Nana makes me happy. 
Chase's smile makes me happy. 
Cookies make me happy.
Hospital visits make me happy. 
Helping Nana feel happy makes me happy!!

{update: nana passed away in the early morning of 2/12/12}

10 February 2012

10. Self portrait.

Hello eye. Nice to see you.
I took a few pictures today of myself. Some of me playing with Annabelle and our chickens and some just of my face. The problem was none of them wanted to be posted. {probably cause the zit store called my face today}

Easy solution:
Cleverly crop out whole self, leaving just a square for my eyebrow, eyelid, eyelashes & eyeball.

09 February 2012

9. Front door

My front door... I was hoping it would be sunny today because the glass design is soooo pretty when the sun shines through it.
But we got clouds instead.

progress report.

As I posted earlier this month, I am doing the 29 day Organizational challenge:

It's been a week and I've aaaaaaalmost gotten through organizing my clothing. Which is always the biggest problem of mine.
 Here's what I did.
I took ALL of my clothes out of the room- starting with the many many many loads of clean clothes that had piled up in baskets covering the floor. I brought everything to our living room sofa {the hubs wasn't so pleased about my idea}. Then I sorted things. I had two piles. Things that fit my body right now (that I like to wear) &&& then the rest of the clothes!!! I folded the not-now clothes and hung the wear now clothes. 

I can see the floor in our bedroom again! Yay.

Annabelle has been sick, so I haven't made more progress since the beginning of the week... but this weekend and next week will hopefully be very productive.

challenge day 1: master bedroom. i think we have a floor...

all those baskets were full in the room.
{of those clothes on our sofa}
 it took forever to sort.

hanging clothes to go back in my closet
{dresses, skirts, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, long sleeve, short & sleeveless}
folded clothes to go in are beside

clothes to store / give away
{mostly because they don't fit}

What are you doing this month to be more organized?
I need motivation!

swim swimerie baby bea.

Annabelle is in swim lessons. It's a parent-tot class so Chase and I get to go with her every week. She's learning how to blow bubbles, put her head all the way under the water, lay on her front, lay on her back, kick her legs &&& it's adorable!

In her baths we like to keep her water toasty toasty warm so every time she gets in the pool, she shivers and shivers the whole time. 
Poor thing. 
Last week Chase decided to take her for a dip in the hot tub after lessons. It wasn't a ver hot hot tub, mind you. The instructors got pretty upset though... tee hee.

I wrote the above a few weeks ago and saved it as a draft, but now I wanted to update before I post. Annabelle is now working on holding the side by herself and crawling with her little hands back and forth. It's so cute because she's so little and strong to be able to hold herself up and move. She's also practicing jumping off the edge of the pool and playing with the toys. 

She sure enjoys time in the water!

my strong baby crawling along the edge of the pool, without help.

08 February 2012

8. Sun

Well what do you know? The sun wasn't out today. (nor was I, really.)
Yet again, I'll use a picture from Sunday- when Annabelle was practicing to be a Sunbeam in Nursery. I didn't get a great shot, but she had a sun around her head. She didn't really know what to think about me holding it up for her.

{Today we snuggled in bed all day becausey little sunbeam is sick}

07 February 2012

7. Button

This is actually a picture from pinterest. But I love these pin cushions and seriously I have no interesting buttons at my house. I thought of taking a picture of Annabelle's nose (because it's cute as a button) but she's sick and I didn't think you'd enjoy looking at a runny nose.

Are you doing the February Photo a Day Challenge? Let me know so I can follow you.
Did you tell me you were going to and now you're not? Shame on you.
Xoxo, Brittany

6. Dinner

Here is our dinner tonight... Cafe Rio! 
We had a free meal and kids eat free so it didn't cost too much either.
I always order the toppings for my Salad on the side which makes our tray very full. I also ordered an extra dressing and saved my chips, so if I get a craving for Cafe Rio again this week, I don't have to go buy it- I'll have some of it's taste ready for my mouth in the fridge. 
Annabelle loves the strawberry, guacamole, beans, rice, tomatoes and tortillas, so it's a great place to take her-- although this time she grabbed a full cup and dumped ice down her onsie. 
Whoops... so messy!

ps: thanks bethany who noted that this post was originally blank. whoops.

05 February 2012

5. 10:00am

It's Sunday, so we went to church this morning.
We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Babies stay with their parents during church until they are 18 months old- then they go into their first class, Nursery. Annabelle will be 18 months in April. I want her to be good and ready to start going in there alone when she is allowed so today I brought her in there to see what it was like.
They play with toys, get snacks, sing songs, have a little lesson and color.
She loved it.

04 February 2012

4. a stranger

Welcome to my Saturday morning Zumba class! 
It's full of strangers (and gym friends.) I hope they don't mind I took a picture in the mirror, that's why my hand is in the shot. 
Need a new workout? Give Zumba a try. 
Need a new work out and live in Salt Lake? Come with me!!

03 February 2012

3. Hands

This morning as I strapped Annabelle {15 months} into her car seat, I noticed a little blue truck in her leg. She'd been playing with cars earlier and must have stashed one away to play with later. I thought it was so cute and funny.
I love her little fingers and toes... I could kiss them forever.

02 February 2012

Frugal February: yet another challenge to take part in.

Hi Readers, 

I'm in a Challenge mode- as you can tell. 
and Third as I will talk about in THIS post, The Frugal February Challenge!!

Chase and I are determined to get in shape financially. We're in decent shape but we want to be in excellent shape. We are, again, restarting the Dave Ramsey program and so this frugal february challenge will be a great kick off.

This is what Big Girls Browse had to say about her participation in the challenge:

That sounds about right to me. Chase will be so proud if I accomplish this! 
{I mean, WHEN I accomplish this.}
Xoxo, Brittany

another challenge? yes please.

It's no secret I'm a hoarder. I am and it's out there. 

The number one room in my house that makes me cringe in the master bedroom. It's horrid. Too horrid for before pictures even. It is my room of choice for this 29 day challenge. 
Because I've changed sizes 13569872598745 times, I have enough clothes to clothe a family! {as long as the family is all female and ranges from size 4 to size 16, plus a couple pregnant women... sounds like a horrible family!} My main challenge is keeping my clothes in order. It seems like each time I do, I switch sizes or get pregnant. Also, my husband does not keep a single thing in the room. He has his downstairs room with all his everything, because it's too messy and unorganized to fit him in. I feel bad about this and I want to let him {ok, his stuff} in. 
I would also like to make the room pretty again. It was pretty when we moved in. Slowly I've moved decorations and photos to fit in my junk... that's a bad move. I have some nice things I would like to have up in there and February is the time to do it!

I'm going to go take pictures for the before, and may or may not post them. After I take pictures, I will start the process. Eeek. Wish me luck.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: do you have a room that needs a major redo? do this with me... let me know and i'll link you up.

2. words {february photo a day challenge}

These are my words: I CAN DO THIS.
It's next to my growing belly, but I love the inspiration it gives and how it can be applied to anything you've set out to accomplish.