17 January 2012

vintage style.

I was going through old photos at my mom's house last Sunday. I found a picture of our living room when I was a baby. 
I love it so much. 

I obviously don't remember living in it, but I certainly remember all the furniture and decorations because they came with us to our next homes. In fact, when I got married, I got two of those blue love seats, they're downstairs. That coffee table is still in my mom's living room, even though at one point my mom did give it to me {then took it back.} The white cupboards on either side of the love seat were in my bedroom right before I got married. And I have one of those beautiful Bessie Pease Gutmann pictures in Annabelle's room right now. {Actually I have 3 of the pictures, but just one from the set in the living room.} The white chair in the corner is one a set of dining room chairs that is still in my dad's dining room. Oh the memories that all this furniture holds! It's lastly quite nicely too.

my living room when i was a baby

I would be happy to have this entire room as my living room right now. I love my mom's style. Instead of a living room though, I think it would a beautiful color pallet for a child's room, especially a little baby boy. I love the high back & arms of the love seats. When we were little we would push two together to create forts and have sleepovers in the square it created. I'm excited to let Annabelle do this too with her hopefully lots of siblings.
In the late 1990s this look was very dated and my mom redid our whole house and a lot of these things went into storage. It's funny how things go in and out of style. I'm glad they went to storage and not the DI, because I certainly continue to benefit from them. 

Now because of the recent snow we've {finally} received here in Salt Lake, here are a few pictures of me as a young girl {3-5yrs} in the freezing Canadian snow. 

Oh how I wish those snowsuits went to storage so I could get then out when Annabelle became old enough to fit. They just don't make clothes in pretty colors for babies and children anymore. It seems everything has to have big patterns and ugly colors all over... nothing like the old days. Especially all that light pink and light blue.

Brittany & brother Andrew
{check out both our mittens.}

Little Brittany
{Mom behind me buttoning someone else up.}

Brit & Beth
{with our little snowbear.} 

Brit & Mom
{i love my boots & hat-scarf!}


alyssa nelson said...

I love all the old pictures Brittany and I love that you know where most everything (as far as the furniture goes) is still today!

mom said...

memories.... very fun