29 January 2012

my man.

Chase needs a little tribute right about now. 

my man plows snow... with great style.
He studies and does homework all the time. He runs his business and works hard to provide for our family- and does a great job. 
{A lot of moms tell me I am lucky that I don't have to work. It doesn't feel like luck. It feels like a husband who is willing to sacrifice a lot for his family.} 

He also cleans our house, does a lot of laundry, cooks some of our meals and is absolutely the most doting father around. Annabelle is HIS little girl. If we are both around, it's him she'll want. She cries and cries every time she see's him go, seriously.

my man puts annabelle to sleep.
she's so cozy in his arms.
my man gives our baby pop rocks.
she loves them.

Thank you Chase for all you do and keep up the good work! I love you so so much and I'm excited for our growing family.
Xoxo, your wife. 

my man mops the floors.
and looks hot doing it.

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