26 January 2012

me & the girls.

Breakfast at Over The Counter
 Michelle & Cory, Lizzy & baby Liam, Andrea & Elliot and Chase, Brittany & baby Annabelle.

Love these get togethers! This one happened to be extra fun because we, as in the girls, did a Zumba class together before-hand. It was really fun but I sure need practice.

Girls Post March 2009 - who "we" are.
Girls Post March 2011 - breakfast.

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Emily M. said...

this is kind of creepy, and i'm kind of shocked i even recognized them- but i am pretty sure my cousins are in the background of one of these pictures! haha! they stayed at my grandmas house on friday, so was this saturday morning? too too funny!

oh, and also- annabelle looks ADORABLE in that first picture!! her feet are so girly!