12 January 2012

Hello 2012.

Here we are in the first couple weeks of the New Year and I've already made a trip to my home and native land.

My Grandpa Olsen died last week so I flew up for his funeral. I loved being there and I felt like the whole weekend was a great start to my new year.
This year I'd like to spend trying to be more like C. Lowell, my Grandpa Olsen. 

C. Lowell Olsen

He was dedicated to the gospel. Serving a young mission in England (where he met my grandmother) and an older mission with his sweetie in Iceland. Holding many callings and fulfilling them well. Serving in the Temple with Grandma and then set apart as a temple sealer, sadly he was too ill to travel when I married Chase.

He was "fiercely loyal", as was said at his funeral, especially to his wife. He loved his family and was always there to love and support them. He would do anything he could to make sure they were taken care of.

He was educated and loved education. Growing up he could only finish grade 10 because his family needed his hands on the farm after his Dad had a heart attack. After serving in the war, his mission and starting a family, he finished his high school education and college. He became a teacher and then principal. To him death was a graduation to the next life... and graduate he did.

He endured to the end and I love him for his good example. Thank you Grandpa.

Aunt Anne, Grandma Olsen, Dad, Uncle Gane

Siblings with Dad

Me & Dad

Funeral Program

Grandma thinks Dad looks so handsome in Grandpa's hat.

Me & Grandma

Along with trying to live more like my Grandpa, 
this year I'd like to build my relationship with my Grandma.


Janelle said...

this is a touching tribute, brittany. i think funerals are really quite special. so glad almost all of the olsen kids go to go. what a great legacy he has left!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Thanks Janelle. I wish the spouses could have come as well.