23 January 2012

happy birthday bethany.

It's Bethany's Birthday today, hooray! 
(She's my sister, the one just older than me...)

To celebrate her birthday, this weekend my mom arranged a family cook off. I don't watch any cooking shows, but other in my family do and loooove them. This is how it went down. We each had to bring one food item. We drew numbers to see which basket of food{that my mom supplied} we got to use with our one item. We got into four teams, we each had to make enough food for our team to have dinner. After it all, we were judged on presentation of food{we won}, taste of food, healthiness of food{we won}, speediness of making the food, good sportsmanship, as we only had one kitchen to all share and overall best!

Baskets we each got = Meal we made

chase, brittany, katelyn

Kimball & Bethany

Ryan & Leah

Ned & Brooklyn

And here you go, enjoy the other photo's of the night:

Annabelle eats blueberries by the handfuls. 
kate & brit making the candy-heart salmon
kimball and beet-stained bethany
leah (& ryan) creating rice paper trout
ned (& brook) creating the asian themed masterpiece
chase & i preparing the salad
mom (& bruce) judged the contest
the kids table: oliver, eleanor & annabelle 
ryan & leah
katelyn  & brittany
i like the card i made for bethany
bethany made a white chocolate milk cake with chocolate frosting
it was delicious
and she ended the night blowing out 27 candles...


bethany jane. said...

there were only 15 candles, but i did turn 27.

mom said...

good job Brit. Happy Birthday Beth.