29 January 2012

my man.

Chase needs a little tribute right about now. 

my man plows snow... with great style.
He studies and does homework all the time. He runs his business and works hard to provide for our family- and does a great job. 
{A lot of moms tell me I am lucky that I don't have to work. It doesn't feel like luck. It feels like a husband who is willing to sacrifice a lot for his family.} 

He also cleans our house, does a lot of laundry, cooks some of our meals and is absolutely the most doting father around. Annabelle is HIS little girl. If we are both around, it's him she'll want. She cries and cries every time she see's him go, seriously.

my man puts annabelle to sleep.
she's so cozy in his arms.
my man gives our baby pop rocks.
she loves them.

Thank you Chase for all you do and keep up the good work! I love you so so much and I'm excited for our growing family.
Xoxo, your wife. 

my man mops the floors.
and looks hot doing it.

26 January 2012

me & the girls.

Breakfast at Over The Counter
 Michelle & Cory, Lizzy & baby Liam, Andrea & Elliot and Chase, Brittany & baby Annabelle.

Love these get togethers! This one happened to be extra fun because we, as in the girls, did a Zumba class together before-hand. It was really fun but I sure need practice.

Girls Post March 2009 - who "we" are.
Girls Post March 2011 - breakfast.

23 January 2012

happy birthday bethany.

It's Bethany's Birthday today, hooray! 
(She's my sister, the one just older than me...)

To celebrate her birthday, this weekend my mom arranged a family cook off. I don't watch any cooking shows, but other in my family do and loooove them. This is how it went down. We each had to bring one food item. We drew numbers to see which basket of food{that my mom supplied} we got to use with our one item. We got into four teams, we each had to make enough food for our team to have dinner. After it all, we were judged on presentation of food{we won}, taste of food, healthiness of food{we won}, speediness of making the food, good sportsmanship, as we only had one kitchen to all share and overall best!

Baskets we each got = Meal we made

chase, brittany, katelyn

Kimball & Bethany

Ryan & Leah

Ned & Brooklyn

And here you go, enjoy the other photo's of the night:

Annabelle eats blueberries by the handfuls. 
kate & brit making the candy-heart salmon
kimball and beet-stained bethany
leah (& ryan) creating rice paper trout
ned (& brook) creating the asian themed masterpiece
chase & i preparing the salad
mom (& bruce) judged the contest
the kids table: oliver, eleanor & annabelle 
ryan & leah
katelyn  & brittany
i like the card i made for bethany
bethany made a white chocolate milk cake with chocolate frosting
it was delicious
and she ended the night blowing out 27 candles...

21 January 2012

then & now : siblings

Because I've been looking at old family photos lately, I wanted to share with you my siblings! There are 6 of us children and between the days 19 and 30 in June, we are all 2 years apart in age. I don't know for sure which year these photos were taken, but it would have been one of the last couple years in the 1980s. 
Here you go, from oldest to youngest, then & now style:







ps: i hope they don't mind i took the pictures of them from their facebook profiles.

17 January 2012

vintage style.

I was going through old photos at my mom's house last Sunday. I found a picture of our living room when I was a baby. 
I love it so much. 

I obviously don't remember living in it, but I certainly remember all the furniture and decorations because they came with us to our next homes. In fact, when I got married, I got two of those blue love seats, they're downstairs. That coffee table is still in my mom's living room, even though at one point my mom did give it to me {then took it back.} The white cupboards on either side of the love seat were in my bedroom right before I got married. And I have one of those beautiful Bessie Pease Gutmann pictures in Annabelle's room right now. {Actually I have 3 of the pictures, but just one from the set in the living room.} The white chair in the corner is one a set of dining room chairs that is still in my dad's dining room. Oh the memories that all this furniture holds! It's lastly quite nicely too.

my living room when i was a baby

I would be happy to have this entire room as my living room right now. I love my mom's style. Instead of a living room though, I think it would a beautiful color pallet for a child's room, especially a little baby boy. I love the high back & arms of the love seats. When we were little we would push two together to create forts and have sleepovers in the square it created. I'm excited to let Annabelle do this too with her hopefully lots of siblings.
In the late 1990s this look was very dated and my mom redid our whole house and a lot of these things went into storage. It's funny how things go in and out of style. I'm glad they went to storage and not the DI, because I certainly continue to benefit from them. 

Now because of the recent snow we've {finally} received here in Salt Lake, here are a few pictures of me as a young girl {3-5yrs} in the freezing Canadian snow. 

Oh how I wish those snowsuits went to storage so I could get then out when Annabelle became old enough to fit. They just don't make clothes in pretty colors for babies and children anymore. It seems everything has to have big patterns and ugly colors all over... nothing like the old days. Especially all that light pink and light blue.

Brittany & brother Andrew
{check out both our mittens.}

Little Brittany
{Mom behind me buttoning someone else up.}

Brit & Beth
{with our little snowbear.} 

Brit & Mom
{i love my boots & hat-scarf!}

12 January 2012

Hello 2012.

Here we are in the first couple weeks of the New Year and I've already made a trip to my home and native land.

My Grandpa Olsen died last week so I flew up for his funeral. I loved being there and I felt like the whole weekend was a great start to my new year.
This year I'd like to spend trying to be more like C. Lowell, my Grandpa Olsen. 

C. Lowell Olsen

He was dedicated to the gospel. Serving a young mission in England (where he met my grandmother) and an older mission with his sweetie in Iceland. Holding many callings and fulfilling them well. Serving in the Temple with Grandma and then set apart as a temple sealer, sadly he was too ill to travel when I married Chase.

He was "fiercely loyal", as was said at his funeral, especially to his wife. He loved his family and was always there to love and support them. He would do anything he could to make sure they were taken care of.

He was educated and loved education. Growing up he could only finish grade 10 because his family needed his hands on the farm after his Dad had a heart attack. After serving in the war, his mission and starting a family, he finished his high school education and college. He became a teacher and then principal. To him death was a graduation to the next life... and graduate he did.

He endured to the end and I love him for his good example. Thank you Grandpa.

Aunt Anne, Grandma Olsen, Dad, Uncle Gane

Siblings with Dad

Me & Dad

Funeral Program

Grandma thinks Dad looks so handsome in Grandpa's hat.

Me & Grandma

Along with trying to live more like my Grandpa, 
this year I'd like to build my relationship with my Grandma.