06 November 2012

Halloween 2012

I won spookiest costume at our ward party. Betsy & I were ghosts. She was too adorable.
Bethany made Annie a pretty princess skirt for her birthday & that's her with our Halloween lights.

We had fun at a dinner with our friends pre-trick or treating. I was a witch. Chase was Mr. Bumblebee. Annabellie was an adorable kitty again. It's axis time Chase wore as a young boy.

She loved trick or treating, holding out her pumpkin and sporting her new birthday purse. She was mute going house to house. We went to about ten houses.

Having a family is the best thing ever. Everything is better with kids. (although sometimes I wish I were a newlywed again with no responsibility! Those were the days.)

Xoxo, B.

05 November 2012


My birthday was wonderful this year.

The weekend before we had a family party. Chase gave me a BLENDTEC! I'm super excited because when I make smoothies it takes me 40 minutes to blend it up. Now, it takes 40 seconds.

On my actual birthday, I had some visitors and played with my girls. It was perfect. Even though Chase had class.

To make up for it, he took me out to a fancy dinner on Saturday night.

24 October 2012


Annie loves taking pictures. I think I'll get her her own camera soon.
Here are two taken this week that I think are fun.

Speaking of hair, I want to do something to mine.
 It's so blah. 
I want to learn some new styles & maybe go get a cut & color. Hmmm....

04 October 2012

taking pictures vs. buying

When I go to Ikea, I am known to fill my cart and buy it all. I love buying new pretty things, especially when it's so inexpensive. Plus lately Ikea has been improving, some of their items could rival Anthropologie, don't you think?
Instead of buying all the things I wanted, I decided to take pictures of them. Then I could come back to buy them if/when I had more money to spend on pretty things! 

I love dishes. 
Before I was married {aka: before I had to be responsible with my money}, I bought lots of pretty dishes and such at Anthro and DI. I'm really glad I did because I love my kitchen.  I can't afford Anthro now, but with Ikea's great prices, I think I'm going to be loving me some new glass bowls and cups soon. 

my babies filled my cart this time.
annabelle can not sit still and she had a lot of fun climbing all over.
i'm not sure elizabeth loved all the moving around.

My new way of shopping has me excited. Especially because I went to target the day before to buy Annabelle a pair of shoes and left spending over $100. 

I am going to save money and the time doing returns! 
{I do a lot of returns.}

24 September 2012

the hogle zoo chicken

It's no secret Annabelle loves her some chicken. I spotted one at we were about to leave (aka Annabelle was a little grump rump) so I pointed it out to Annabelle.
She all the sudden had loads of energy to run around chasing the chicken ! She wanted to pick it up but this chicken wasn't as nice as her chickens- it kept running away from her and Oliver.

the hogle zoo with my babies.

The Hogle Zoo is 12 bucks to get in! Luckily Annabelle & Elizabeth are under 2 or they'd each be an additional 10. Besides me being a cheapskate, we had a lot of fun going to the zoo. We hadn't been since last year so it was all new to Annabelle. She loved running around from animal to animal and naming them.

My favourite was that she thought the seals were mice. She kept saying Mouse! Mouse! When they'd swim by. Haha, she's got some learning to do.

22 September 2012

crown, bow, flower, bunny, bonnet.

We like to dress up Elizabeth's head every chance we get.
(and even though I don't put flower,. headbands, etc on my baby girls, it's fun to play with them.)

1. I made a crown for her out of weeds.
2. My mom tied a bow on her head with a ribbon.
3. That's just a little baby headband which is rarely used.
4. My dad gave that bunny hat to Annabelle for Easter last year. Elizabeth didn't think wearing it was very fun.
5. Trying on Annabelle's bonnet.
(I need to write a post on her bonnet... She loves it so much.)

14 September 2012

Kitchen Tour.

Annabelle wanted me to blog a tour of our kitchen. She offered to take all the photographs. (She obviously takes after Uncle Jimmy.) She did a great job.

Seriously though, she took at least 50 pictures. She opened every drawer and cupboard to take pictures inside. (I did post the one of our silverware.) It was cute to see her perspective. She sees the world completely different than I do. Looking through these pictures was eye opening in a way.

Thanks Annabelle.

04 September 2012

Annabelle is my helper.

Me: Annabelle sweetie, since you just took a toy from Elizabeth, could you please go get her a toy- so she has something to play with?
Annabelle: Yes.

She runs out of the room and gives Elizabeth baby shampoo, travel shampoo and a plastic link.

26 August 2012

first night of class.

Chase started his MBA program at Westminster last week.
I'm nervous to take care of the kids by myself all day and all night.
I haven't taken the kids out by myself very often, but on Thursday night (Chase's first class), I did.

It was a simple trip to Old Navy. I needed a new dress for my dad's wedding. It was successful beside the fact that in the end I bought 5 outfits cause managing the two babes while trying things on proved difficult! :)

After, we went on a walk. Annabelle brought her stuffed duck, perhaps because she matched it. In the bottom right photo I had just asked Annabelle to smile for the camera. Ha. We need to work on her camera smile.

Do you have any tips for me... dealing with a husband in school or for taking out two babies alone?

15 August 2012

Liberty Park's Seven Canyons

Have you been to the Seven Canyons water area in Liberty Park? We went this week and had so much fun.

Annabelle was very timid at first. She wanted to hold my hand and walk through the streams & pools with me by her side.

By the end, she was running around with many new little friends, splashing, laying down and even trying to stand on her head in the water.

After a couple hours we got her cleaned up and enjoyed the beauty of the park together.

30 July 2012

Tubby time.

Elizabeth & Annabelle love baths. I've yet to bathe them together, but I'm excited for when they're able to do that.

Little Miss Eliza Jane is so happy and smiley in warm water. She's very relaxed when she gets in water too. She has her baths in our bathroom sink or in our bathroom tub. We have a baby tub, but it seems like too much work to get it out, fill it up then empty it after. (even though that's what we used with Annabelle for a long time.)

Little Miss AnnaBea is crazy about water! She loves showering downstairs and letting water stream down her face. She will sit in the tub playing with her toys for such long periods of time. Splashing is her favorite part of water. She also loves little mini baths in Grandma's sink.

Xoxo, Brittany

10 July 2012

Family of 4.

I'm enjoying having a family of 4. We have a 2 month old & a 20 month old. They are becoming little best friends. Every morning, Annabelle says "baby baby baby", I bring her to Elizabeth and she nuzzles her face into the baby's.

My days are filled with nursing E, making meals for A, changing A & E's diaper (seemingly constantly), reading to A, singing to E, putting A & E to sleep, ensuring A doesn't pick E up or hit her, picking up after A, cleaning up after E empties her tummy (on herself, me, sofas, the floor, etc), bathing each A & E, doing laundry for A & E, and the list goes on...

It's always a relief when Daddy gets home. Annabelle runs to the back door when she hears it being unlocked and is thrilled to see Chase. It happens every day and I still think it's the most darling thing.

Elizabeth is responding a bit and starting to coo and smile. She's a sleepy, happy content baby. She's slept through the night since the beginning almost. Although, she does get pretty fussy around 8pm most nights. Gripe water usually settles her hard tummy, along with a lot of patting and comfort.

We go outside in our backyard as a family often. Pick raspberries or peas, this last week carrots & beets too. Our other garden items & peaches are nicely growing.

We've been able to go swimming, to breakfasts, dinners, shopping, birthday parties, family reunions and such.

Having a new baby makes life more interesting and fun. I love her. I love A. And I love Chase more than anything.

Xoxo, Brittany.

27 May 2012

Annabelle & Elizabeth

This has been a great couple weeks with our new baby. The moments I love most are when Annabelle wants to hold her new sister. She loves to feel like she holding Elizabeth on her own. She also loves holding her head up against the baby's head softly and keeping it there, cheek to cheek. She loves to watch the baby and point to her body parts. {she also loves poking, prodding & "patting" the baby... hard.}

We love our new family.
Xoxo, Brittany

12 May 2012

Elizabeth Jane.

Our baby came.

Elizabeth Jane Nielsen
Born on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
at 2:48pm
6 pounds 5 ounces & 18 1/2 inches

10 May 2012

Graduating from The University of Utah.

I'm extremely proud of my Chase. He graduated from The University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Economics last Friday!!
He has been working very hard running his business to provide for his girls and working very hard at being a great husband and attentive father. On top of that he's been in school. Owning your own business is no easy task. The woe never ends and follows you everywhere you go. Certainly no time off.
Being my husband is no easy task either!! :) I often need quite a lot of help around the house... And that never seems to end.

Anyway- he's finished his degree. His last exam was Thursday and his graduation ceremony was on Friday.

Annabelle say through the ceremony almost the entire time. She was clapping away for her dad. She loved playing with his new clothes too.

Thanks for all the support from our families. Way to go Chase!!

ps: sorry all my posts are in the same boring format... all I have time for is mobile blogging these days and I can't customize anything.

pps: i had a baby yesterday!!