31 December 2011

goodbye 2011.

I know a lot of people blogging do a big recap of what happened over the year... In my head I've tried to make a list, but I can't ever come up with much. I decided to try to write some things down in hopes I would come up with more.

1. Annabelle survived being 3 - 14 months old. {and had many exciting and not so exciting baby-milestones.}
2. In the Spring, Chase built a chicken coop and we bought 5 chickens. We've been enjoying their fresh eggs every day since.
3. Chase was in school the entire year, summer and everything. This was hard for him and also ME. Nights are hard with a baby! {especially when you've already spent the whole day alone with the baby.}
4. I started working out this summer- for basically the first time in my life. I went here and there and did this and that, but I've never been consistent until this year. {plus, i got down to my pre-pregnancy weight}
5. We took our first family vacation to New York City, to see my sister Tiffany and her hubs Jimmy. {Annabelle's first flight went well.}
6. Annabelle and I drove to Canada so she could meet her great Grandpa and great Grandma Olsen. {Her first 15 hour road trip also went well.}
7. I started working at Studio Cove a couple days a week for a couple hours. Annabelle loves playing with the other kids. {and I've been using that money to hire a housekeeper, which I love!}
8. Ummm, if I thought longer I'm sure I would come up with more but I'm going to stop there-- so that is my whole 2011 review, hah.

Happy New Year!!
Xoxo, Brittany.

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