10 October 2011

my hunt for the perfect rug.

We rearranged our living room to accommodate our crawling, standing, almost walking baby. We put our coffee table in the corner beside the chair and now the center of the room is just a wide open space... waiting to be played in!!
i took this quality panoramic photo right now on my iphone.
notice the computer? that's where i'm sitting right now, writing this post.
I love our hardwood floors, but I think Baby wants it to be a little softer when she falls. Although it adds a lot of color, the little bright pink blanket just isn't cutting it. Ha. This means, we are on a hunt: to find the perfect rug.

I was at Ikea today and I actually found the perfect rug. The only problem is it's $400. I mean, I'm sure it's worth four hundred dollars, but we don't have that much to spend on just a rug. I'm thinking I'll sell some things, to try to come up with the difference between what this Dagny Rug costs and what we were thinking of spending. Do you think I have a couple hundred dollars worth of junk really nice stuff to sell? We'll see. Perhaps instead, we'll find another perfect rug that is in our price range. Ideas?

it's a pretty rug, now isn't it?
do you think it would look good in my living room?

ps: i am currently taking donations. {in the form of money, really nice stuff to sell, or simply in the form of this rug. :)}


Janelle said...

so, i think we/re supposed to give to you for christmas... wait, it's homemade/re-gifting this year, right?!

why are rugs so expensive? this one is really pretty!!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

oh perfect. you can hand weave me a nice big rug. start now, it might take some time... and happy birthday to you today!

Janelle said...

haha! i'll get right on that!