01 October 2011

my blog stalkers.

Hi readers... yes all of you! Even you, that person I don't know.
I've had a few people that I don't know well {or really at all} tell me that they embarrassingly enough read my blog, Gasp!
momma & baby

I think this is funny that they feel embarrassed about reading my blog. They say sorry for "stalking" me. Now if my blog was private and they{you} were hacking in to read the personal details of my life because you were obsessed with me, yes, that would be stalking. But I have a public blog, which I often link to from The Facebook, and when people just read it, it is not called stalking.

I feel like with facebook and blogs, people use the term "Stalking" too much. It diminishes the real use of the word: To pursue obsessively and to the point of harassment or To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. Now THAT is stalking and illegal and often dangerous.

So to all you blog-stalkers out there, let's find a different name for you.
From now on say:
You read my blog.
You follow my blog.
You find my blog interesting.
You like my blog.
You found my blog.
You have my blog on reader.
Or etc etc etc...

daddy & baby
yes, in the crib playing.
ps: Don't worry too much about it though, I've used this term too. Lots.


dana said...

haha, i guess i read your blog:)

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Thanks for reading. Dana who?

MOM said...

What is chase doing?

ellie said...

ahaha this is me exactly!! Your family is so gorgeous and perfect though that it fascinates me. And its nice to hear people viewing their life through their religion, kind of calming to have that complete faith in God and everything he does. I hope one day that I have my own little family that is as full as love as yours and to be as engaged in my religion as you are.