31 October 2011

my birthday & halloween.

my birthday is the day before halloween. i'm kind of tired of having a halloween birthday, but i guess that won't ever change.

annabelle was little orphan annie for the trunk or treating we did at olympus hills shopping center on saturday. i didn't have black shoes, so she wore black tights and white shoes and she doesn't keep things on her head, so she was a bald annie. i think she was still cute though. she ate one of those long skinny tootsie rolls. the entire thing! which is quite the feat considering she doesn't have any teeth. (i can feel one coming up on the bottom side, but it's not visible yet.)

sunday was my birthday. chase woke me with annabelle and breakfast in bed. i said thanks and then told him i was going to sleep longer... i sure did. i re-woke up at about noon. heavenly morning. especially because i was up at 4:30 with my baby. ever since she was sick last week, she hasn't been sleeping through the night as well.

chase spoiled me with gifts, as he always does. a new banana republic dress, with sleeves, high cut, to the knee and with pockets. every mormon's dream dress, which always seems so hard to find. also pretty silver leaf earrings and a mirror decoration with two little love birds.

i went to sunbeams and they sang happy birthday to me in singing time. annabelle was adorable in sacrament meeting. no crying or yelling or anything distracting. she did play in the aisle with some friends though, but quietly so i didn't mind. mostly the looked at each other holding their own toys.

after church we went to chase's parents for a chili dinner. it was a lot of fun. it's nice to get together with them without all the siblings once in a while.

we came home and i got to g+ hangout with my entire family! the siblings at least. it was so much fun to have all six of us siblings and spouses there- besides jimmy who was out of town and working... which seems funny to say he couldn't join in cause he was out of town, because that's the best thing about g+ hangouts. we can be (and were) in nyc, chicago, arizona, provo and slc & all still get together. yay!

it was a good day and i loved all the calls, texts, emails and facebook messages. thanks everyone!

happy birthday to me.... and happy halloween today.

ps: check back tonight for added pictures, i'm too tired to get them off my camera right now. :)

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Tiffany Brown Olsen said...

When are we all G chatting again!